What hunter need buffs?


This is for anyone who wants to give their opinion on who needs balancing nerfs or buffs…for example I feel lazarus needs a healing burst buff…say heals half hunters health and 1/2 of his in a single burst…or just mayb the cool down faster by a couple seconds…other hunters who I feel could use some love are…parnell…I think super soldier should only take 10% of his health and not 20%…cabots dust tagging should be able to use every 60 seconds instead of every 70 seconds…since abe really sucks at initially finding the monster I fell his tracking dart should last 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds…and also feel like something should be done with slim just not to sure what yet…and mayb a longer ool down on Torvalds mortar cannons>!!! lemme know what u think of these ideas and lemme see some of your:):):slight_smile:


also if anyone thinks there any good ideas for monster changes let me know


I don’t think Abe needs more time on his dart. Its long enough. I don’t really know any Abes who have a hard time staying on the monster once they find him.


yea true I just hate when a monster makes it to stage 2 cuz abe has no idea where to find the monster


Well giving Abe 15 more seconds on his dart won’t help that. I mean Abe is strong once he finds the monster. Its just kinda Abe’s thing.


Val - Single target healing is buffed, allowing her to quickly and efficently heal single targets (say within 3-4 seconds) yet increase medgun cool down, allowing the monster to counter with spread damage but giving Val strength against target hunters.

Slim - Increase damage, bolster self-healing. Reward him for getting close to the monster and give him more durability, possibly at the expense of his spore gun range/duration

  • Maggie - Doesn’t need any buffs, but when she’s incapped, it would be nice if you could control Daisy to pick someone up, or pressing LB (I play on Xbox) would tell her to go do it at least. It’s annoying when multiple people are down and she stands around doing nothing.

  • Abe - He feels like he needs a little something, though I’m not sure what that is. Basically, Crow does the stasis CC as well as Abe if you’re good, the difference in damage feels negligible, and Gobi is much better at finding a monster than getting somewhat lucky with tracking darts, while also keeping up the pressure in following just as well. Increasing the duration of the dart just makes his strengths even more potent, and doesn’t cover his weaknesses, so… dunno what he needs.

  • Lazarus - Hard to prescribe what exactly he needs as well. Cloak with no foot prints seems unfair, and only covers the weakness of getting focused. He’s also helpless when more than one person is down. His win rate when up when tier 4 came out, which can pretty reliably be attributed to Sunny, so maybe he needs his own, enhanced jet pack. If it’s in the middle of default and a Sunny-boosted one, then the Sunny boost should act differently with him. If his is say +25%, then her boost should still put him at +50%, not 75. Or, give him a toggle-able cloak, like others have said.

  • Slim - He’s just not good enough. He can’t do anything when focused except send out his bug to the most damaged hunter (and hope it doesn’t go onto the wrong team mate, like someone with full health). He also can’t really protect others while they’re focused. So, I think he needs a stronger healing burst, and his bug needs to not insta-die from everything.

  • Cabot - I think I’m biased in this regard, but I think not having a shield almost makes a support non-viable from this alone. I like having a defensive triangle with medic, trapper, and support. One gets focused, the other two mitigate damage. I don’t like that Cabot’s only real means to do this is to enhance what assault is doing to mitigate damage; incentivize the monster that it’s not worth it by dealing tons of damage. Amped assult weaponry is no joke, but Hank, for example, can shield, or drop tons of damage via orbital barrage to help a focused team mate. That makes him strictly better at helping out, doesn’t it? Sunny can shield AND jetpack boost at the same time. Cabot’s offense isn’t good enough to not have a defensive measure, imo. Granted, I almost always play with just my friends, and our support players aren’t great at Cabot, so I’m basing this off personal experience and theory crafting.

  • Bucket - Same kinda deal as Cabot. Dust tagging is better than UAV pretty much, but it’s nice that UAV has a short cool down, so…they’re pretty even I guess. His way to mitigate focused damage is to set up 5 sentries and punish hard, but that takes time, and one melee swing or aoe ability will destroy them. How is that supposed to match up to a shield when your medic or trapper are getting stun-lock rofl stomped? Also, just from a personal standpoint, his GML needs a faster reload. Not even necessarily for balance’s sake, but because it feels awful being that slow. D:

  • Markov - He’s very underrated, but I feel almost lucky when my mines don’t get destroyed from being sneezed on. I was playing on med lab near the center of the map against a goliath. The medic was getting focused and our trapper was dead. I set up a mine field on one of those bridges with the wall-like deals that go up the sides. Medic goes onto the bridge, and 3 of them are instantly broken from flame breath that was cast before turning the corner, just to burn the medic. Walked into the other two, but I feel like I had earned hitting him with all of them. So, a little more mine health would be nice. Or… a tiny, tiny buff to LG damage.

  • Parnell - Honestly, I think he’s amazing, but his win rate is undeniably the lowest, despite having the highest damage output. So, he takes too much damage, and he dies! Make SS take less health, and make his rockets a little faster. There’s still little incentive to use them instead of his shotgun, which of course puts him in a very dangerous spot. I don’t know exactly how this works, so maybe this is already a thing… SS takes 17% of Parnell’s health, but, if he uses it while at 17% or lower, does it kill him? I don’t think SS should be able to kill him. If it can, Abe needs to make that suit a little better!

I think everyone else is fine, and that nobody needs to be nerfed. Actually, scratch that… AI Goliath needs to be nerfed. The other monsters feel much more manageable. I’d rather face a human Goliath than an AI, which isn’t true for the other monsters.


nice I like hearing your opinion I mostly agree


Toggable cloak for laz would be ridiculous…


Griffin, torvald, Parnell. Totally not just because I play them the most, it’s for totally legitimate reasons which I ould state… But I hit the character limit for my post, so what can you do.

Or Slim cause he feels kinda weak, but I don’t play with/against him enough for that to be anything but a subjective opinion


Markov needs a lightning gun buff, his mines were nerfed to badly so his gun should compensate for that.


Youd never get him ever.


Buff Torvald, please.


lol why, so you can insta win?


Bucket works well with Laz and maybe Caira, cause caira can heal enough you don’t need the shields, and Laz cause he can put down damage to scare a monster off and he can cloak laz while still contributing unlike any of the other supports. I wouldn’t mind a buff to bucket but atm he doesn’t need it he just can’t be shoved into all team comps like hank or sunny can.

Laz needs his support to be on point cause he needs to have a cloak ready either his or the supports if the monster goes after him. I don’t think Laz is weak but I do think most monsters know how to reduce his effectiveness while the hunters don’t know how to take advantage of what he brings to the table.


Slim’s entire kit is built around good recovery but he can’t self heal for crap. I want his bug to work on him.


I would love, if Buckets uav didn’t tell the monster that he is tagged. It would make him so much more useful and strategic


Tbh no ability Should say theres no way a monster would know if a uav saw it or a bird. Tracking dart is a fringe case


Well he would feel the tracking dart, but do you think goli understands robotic surveillance equipment


Dunno they are supposed to be smat. Ye they would feel the dart but how would they know it wasn’t just a bullet or tree etc