What hunter/monster are you gonna be?


What hunter or monster do you plan to have be your primary? I’m being Caira :yum:.


Depends on if I like the wraith, if not it’ll be Kraken then Bucket or Hank


I don’ really have a favourite tbh


Hank my man!


Maggie is love. Maggie is life.


Too many good roles/characters. Hyde is top of the list, but I’ll want to play every role from time to time and Support might even be top priority most often because I like their whole roster (where as with Assault I just want Hyde and maybe a little Parnell).

Hyde, Bucket, Hank, Wraith and Kraken are the top 5 (in no particular order), but Cabot, Parnell and Caira seem fun, Goliath’s always fun, Behemoth looks interesting and I really like Val, it’s just not being able to pilot her well in the alpha that put me off.


I myself like to play many characters and switch them not to get bored. I enjoy being a monster, a medic and a suppor, so I would definately play all 9 characters of these classes. Of course I’ll have a couple of favourite characters, but I would play many.


Caira and Griffin most of the time.

Goliath will be my go to monster, he just has that classic monster feel.


I think I’ll be mostly Goliath (he’s just so fun) and then Bucket will be my go to hunter :smile:


Well for each class:

Cabot, Abe, Lazarus, and Hyde.

Wraith, Goliath, Kraken


Markov, Griffin as my hunters.

But for monster.
#I Am Goliath!


I will play any trapper, mainly Maggie.


I dont honestly know yet. during the Big Alpha i started out as val and then played a lot of Lazarus. I followed that up by trying out Maggie and then really enjoyed playing as Abe. I havent even tried a single game as support so thats something I’ll have to try out during the Beta. Once i unlocked Kraken, he was my go to monster but I have a feeling that Wraith might change that. I guess it will all depend on which map is being played, whether i choose one monster or the other. As for hunters, I simply havent experienced enough gameplay to make a solid decision. I will probably choose one hunter and play it consistently until I feel i need to change it up, then switch to a different hunter. Rinse and Repeat.


I’ve solely played as Maggie in the Big Alpha (44 Hours), only played the other classes once to learn what abilities they have and what would be a good combo. I’ll mainly play her, unless Abe grows on me.


How? O.o Abe wasn’t in the Big Alpha? :OO


Also I will play ALOT of trapper :trapper: !


oops, my bad… sleep deprivation is starting to catch up to me. I meant Griffin


Haha no problems. I figured it was Griffin anyhow :smiley:


Kraken and griffin


yeah lol, up at 3am yeaterday for a 20hr day and up at 4am today. It really starts to take its toll. I think Griffin is my fav so far. Something about landing those epic timed harpoons that is just so satisfying… Its addicting. Then again, the whole game is addicting. I already warned my wife to make no plans for me during the beta weekend, and that any errands would fall on her to do because I’ll be a bit preoccupied lol.