What Hunt should have been


This game did so much well, even so, there’s one thing I can’t get over.

The number of maps are fine, the customization is fine, the ability scheme is good, the cost of DLCs… I can live with it. There’s something bigger i find wrong with Evolve. Look at LoL, it is the most popular PvP game alive, and it can thrive on one map, pretty much pre-made characters and all the while tons of people end up paying 100+ dollars in it.

For a 60+ dollar game built on a similiar scenario… it all comes down to replay value. PvP games are only as good as they are dynamic, Evolve is great, but for 60+ dollars…it’s a lil too repetitive, it doesn’t have the long lasting entertainment. There’s great action but Evolve ends up being a bit too similiar match after match for me to say its worth the money.

—To fix it all—
If they make 1 great game mode.
If one mode really pushed for varying fights game after game, this game could become something fucking spectacular… Hunt seems to have the most potential for it.

Push for more different styles of play. Like make early ganks v level up focused matches feel allot different.
Push for more points of contention between the player and monster.
Push for more different types of fights in the early game hunt-be-hunted. More ways to fight him early on besides sprint/chase after him.

A rough example
Making a larger map, if the mode is made right, it’d give an option for hunters to spread out more to cover more ground and find the monster faster (makes interesting early game fights, ganks/baits/rushing-to-save-teammates). But on a bigger map, the monster can easily just outrun the players all game then hit tier 3, so I’d suggest making something like a stamina bar that depletes on leap/sprint and regains when you do nothing.
Adding a point of contention, make the monster have to stash his food, he has to carry/stash some set number of dead animals anywhere then evolve on top of them. It’d end up playing like the monster finds a favorable or sneaky place, stashes food there (if the hunters find it they can spend time destroying some of the food or ambush the monster or get counter ambushed in the monster’s favorable turf). Working off that, if different kinds of dead animals give different permanent bonuses when evolving, it’d make a game out of stopping him from hunting in certain areas to get prime types of food. That means if the monster is hunting mainly players early on he won’t evolve as strong but have more pips on certain enemies, different feel for a different match. Maybe the monster starts with full armor but only regains it while evolving (the amount depends on what you eat while evolving). That still gives the sense of purpose in hunting certain animals but keeps late game entirely focused on monster v hunter. Maybe even let the monster go through the dome but it stuns for a lil bit and beats up stamina so the fight can play out a bit differently.

All in all just some thoughts on it.


Try to log some more game time before you make a post like this.


-make the map much larger.

The monster can already cross distances much quicker than hunters. if you increase map size the monster will never be domed early.

-the monster shouldn’t be able to
constantly outrun the hunters, but it also should still have those crazy
spurts of speed/action of action for the sake of a fun game, so give
the monster something like stamina, it recharges slowly while not doing
anything or by taking a quick nap

the monster has stamina that regenerates quicker when being shot at. the hunters need to cut the monster off, use ALL their abilities to trap and fight the monster. i think its fine the way it is right now. ive had matches when im never found, ive had matches where hunters are on my ass 24/7.

-The only way for the monster to
eat is to carry and group up some number (5?) dead animals in one area,
then consume them while evolving.

if you are talking about losing all armor when evolving and needing armor right away it just sounds like you are evolving at wrong time. if you have full armor, hunters are on your tail DONT evolve. try to get some strikes and use your armor. then flee and evolve which should give you enough time to armor up again (and if you dont have time at least you got some strikes early)

-different kinds of dead animals give different permanent bonuses when evolving.
different wildlife does give different perks? if there is a permanent buff there needs to be a way to permanently debuff. i think it works fine with the timed buffs right now.

-the monster can’t constantly rebuild it’s armor (that just dragged out games and made wraith retarded)

hunters just need to trap monster better so it cant flee and rebuild armor all the time. or at least be good enough to do HP dmg in each fight. wraith doesnt have much armor anyways.

-the monster can’t hunt for bonuses (that just dragged out games)

the monster cant get buffs? i dont like that idea at all.

-you start with full armor and refill some armor when evolving (amount depends on what you eat while evolving).

if i started with full armor id start every match in a fight. this way i need to strategically choose how to start my matches.

-the monster can go through the trapper’s dome, it just… stuns for a wee bit and beats up stamina?

ummm no. the dome is perfect the way it is. (maybe MAYYYYBE increase the radius a tad)


@ the_bahm

Hey, hey, that’s all well and good but are you sure you actually read what I wrote?
You quoted it allright, but kinda seemed to skip on all the meaning and points I made.
The whole example was to just to get a point across, more interesting situations and engagements inside of a game mode can make this game something utterly addictive.

Yeah there are issues in the details, its a rough example just to get a point across, so no doubt, I’d be paid millions if I could spit one out and it was release ready.
A bigger map makes issues, sure, that’s why I suggested a work-around through stamina that depletes on leap/sprint/exc. and needs a fair deal of time to recharge.
If you started every game with full armor, starting every game with a fight, well, for one, pushing for more PvP isn’t really a bad thing, and 2, it isn’t always a good idea… cus evolving, cus stamina. You’re risking not being able to effectively escape, and you could be spending the time instead focusing on nabbing food and stashing it well so you can hit stage 2 faster with better buffs. I mean you can do some risky pip hunting it’s just you will probably end up evolving not as strong, different strats for different matches.
You can’t remove permanent buffs, but you can stop the monster from getting them in the first place.
I’m not saying the game isn’t balance with trapping v armor gain. I’m just saying that it’s a pretty 1-D situation early on, stall, escape, get your armor back.
The dome seems like a half-assed fix to the massive issue of ‘the monster can outrun the hunters easily, but needs all that crazy mobility to keep combat cool’ and I think a better made stamina would do it better.


I respect he idea, but I don’t think it would work with a game like evolve. The game is designed just the way the developers want it. it sounds like you were just expecting a whole different type of game and were disappointed when it wasn’t that. The idea sounds interesting but for a different game other than evolve.


I like the “drag corpses around” idea, but the rest are kind of iffy.




yes i actually read what you wrote. i only wanted to address the specific suggestions you made. i dont find it necessary to elaborate on your end result if the individual pieces fall apart getting there.