What Have they done to my game? After a few days - Updated

I am NOT a good Evolve player by any stretch of the imagination even though I’m no slouch and I can wreck in other shooters. I absolutely love(d) playing the monster before the patch at lower levels as I won some, and lost some as it should be. However, after level 25 the game stank for me as i couldn’t win at all against the more serious players.

I was praying that as a bad monster, in the new patch I would be against equally bad Evolve hunters so that I could at least win 50% of games to help make the experience enjoyable. It hasn’t worked out that way for me. I often have to play against players of higher rank than me (which is understandable as I am so low), or still in the selection stage where they could be any level? Been such a rubbish monster, I don’t last long against them.

I’m not a sneaker, I’m a in your face brawler and with the state of the game as it is now, especially with Goliath i can’t even get 1 strike by the time I’m dead. The weak armor in the new patch isn’t working for me at all, and they say you have almost level 2 stomping now, I don’t see it. I don’t want to be one of the many player monsters staying out of fights until level 3 as there are far too many of those, it’s just so boring and I don’t want to win that way. I’m more about having fun…

I wish the ranking system had worked as i know there are many hunters and monsters that aren’t that great at the game, that would have loved to be against equal players instead of been stomped on all the time. However the matchmaking has turned out a failure for people like us and it doesn’t work as it is now. Perhaps it just needs more time to settle, but there were lots of pre level 25 games before the patch that were great fun and I can’t see those people playing each other again anytime soon.

I have over 200 hours in the game, most of that as monster and now I get so frustrated and disillusioned that for the state of my health I have decided to stop playing monster until they FIX it. As a monster as big as a house you should be able to get strikes? I may still play as a hunter as i have a lot more success at this, but even then we still get put against inappropriate monsters. We were against “Wednesday” the other day! Guess how long that game lasted as soon as he got stage 2?

Now if your lucky enough to be a player that wins most of the time, or at least about 50% of the time (as it should be), you may love the messages telling your rank position and level etc. For players like me, its a kick in the gut seeing “DEFEATED” on the screen almost every game. Or “You have been Demoted!” How worthless do you feel when its negative results hitting you all the time. These should be able to be turned off! I don’t want to be reminded I have only won 20% of my matches with details of how bad I’m doing thank you very much! Rank isn’t important when your unable to climb them. There’s way too much pressure! Leave messages like that to those players that want to see them and can actually improve themselves…!

You might be thinking, he’s rubbish so if he leave, who cares? But I think there could be a place for ALL players that can’t achieve what others can, as long as they play each other and don’t affect the more serious players? I love this game so much, played the beta and alpha and followed it for the year or more before release, it’s just so frustrating that i can only watch it now as monster (twitch) and not have fun playing it, it’s so heartbreaking.


You need to give ranking a little more time to level out. RIght now people are out of position thanks to the rankings being new. I am (it sounds) about your level as a monster, if I face really random teams right now as a monster I can usually wipe them at stage 2, but if I face premade teams I can’t get a strike. This should, hopefully, work itself out as those better hunters rank up, and as my rank also lowers a little with the losses to them.

I think the same will happen for you, and given that the monsters abilities have been strengthened you brawling style should be rewarded when you’re facing the right level of people! Remember as well that taking more abilities is definitely a more damaging option right now than maxing out 1 or two.

Edit: I think you’re making a good choice to take a break from monster, but give it a go again in a week and see if the hunters you’re placed against are more the right level. I’m sure TRS will be keen for feedback on the types of matches they’re having after a week or two of the rankings going through!


I do agree that Ranked should have been its own mode, replacing the standard Hunt mode with a mandatory ranking system seems silly. But don’t be discouraged, Monster takes a lot to play but it takes practice. Have you read the new patch notes? A lot of popular builds consisting of 2 or 3 points in one ability won’t be nearly as good now, abilities with 1 point in them are stronger. Try 1 leap, 1 charge and 1 fire breath right off the bat. Good mobility and it’ll give you the moves to combo someone down, if they’re out of position.


And I’m thinking you need to give the patch some more time. I am not a monster at all and just started with the new patch to try it and I’ve won multiple games at stage 1 with Goliath. Maybe you need to alter your approach. Switch up your strategy a bit. It’s like anything else, sometimes complacency is bad.
I’m loving this new patch as it makes for some exciting matches.

I think I can see where Gazza is coming from though…

See while the monster is stronger at stage 1, it isn’t tougher, indeed it’s weaker in it’s toughness. So yes you can down someone at stage 1 easier, but you’ll probably take damage for it. And it’s not fair to compare straight to old Stage 2 because I know plenty of good monsters who would brawl the hell out of Goliath in a stage 2 dome and would burn up 90% of their health confident that they would kill all four hunters in that dome or directly after it.

With half the health and less armour there is no way to play the game at stage 1 exactly like you used to play stage 2, so while the damage is able to be compared, nothing else about the fight can be. At stage 1 you still need to use terrain, you still need to retreat to cover, but you also need to try and make the engagement count for at least a strike unless you are able to juke the whole dome. Not as easy as it sounds against good teams, and obviously with the faster domes the “louder” monsters need to adapt more.

Without a doubt. But everyone needs to figure out what works best for them in this new version. The issue I see a lot is that people keep using their same builds or doing the same exact thing they were before the patch. I’m just saying to adapt.


I’m a sucky monster to, I used to be good, the new update has really thrown me off though, just waiting for the dust to settle to start playing again

This title should say, “What have they done to their game of which they can edit and change however they want because it’s theirs and I have absolutely no say in what happens because I have no jurisdiction over Evolve, TRS, or 2K”.


But abbreviated


Meh, Random Pub stomping is about as normal as Top Premades being stressful as hell.

It’s why I stopped. I only like to play Wraith (and I’m a beast with her) but she still feels underpar where she should be.

Her glitched traversals don’t help much either.

Honestly her Traversals should be brought back to their original speed since the damn Dome drops in a second (which is crap).

The worst part is that I was unable to keep up in damage vs a Caira and Hank and last time I checked they weren’t supposed to be as absurd as they were before and Hank somehow always had enough fuel to bail out of damage and jump straight up.

And Hyde is still too good in my opinion. Not OP but he is so flexible vs all Monsters he is literally your best choice in a blind pick. All the other Assaults have some sort of liability whereas Hyde is good at Area Denial and just blindly running in and spewing his flamethrower all over the place with little thought.

Actually think that Toxic Grenade Speed reduction needs to come back and that his flamethrower needs to either do slightly less damage or reduce the capacity on his flamethrower… I mean I never run out of the damn thing in a fight and it lasts ages.

But oh well, such a request will be butchered by the public I guess.

After some time away from playing monster, I had a few games today as Goliath and Behemoth and won most of them. Looks like things are starting to level out and the ranking high level hunters are now in their silver and gold positions! So us low level players are now starting to enjoy our own levels :smile:

You guys finding things leveling out?

I had some good matches, had a slim that wouldn’t heal someone with a pixel of health left, that was annoying, I had to play body guard to prevent the wildlife from killing them, oh yeah and slim literally wasn’t doing anything else so there was no reason not to, he wasn’t even hunting the monster

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Yes it sucks when hunters don’t do their job…

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