What have they done to evolve now?


hey people and remaining evolve players, i recently come back to evolve after the player base had died, i seem to have come back to a totally different game. im not a fan of it at all, like you know the games changed when slim is an ideal medic to play and caira is labeled crap :smiley: that wasteland maggie is just a joke and that harpoon needs a nerf, the monsters feeding time before the drop ship is way to short. literally i started a match against gold cause I’m silver elite and within 4 mins i was dead due to the speed of the hunters, now i don’t wanna moan but is there any sort of balance patch thats due out? cause it needs fixing. and still after all this time no new maps like really turtlerock? no new maps.


Hi first of all welcome to the forums

Second of all they are working on a balance update one micro-patch and one big one coming this summer


well thats good to hear cause as playing as the monster I’m getting wrecked and i never get wrecked as monster. whats the current meta for perks with monster? judging from what I’m playing I’m gonna say movement speed, feeding or damage?


well to be honest it is all on your opinion behemoth is good with movement speed but can benefit from damage bonus, feeding speed can be a good pick for a laz player etc.


You haven’t been in this game for quite some time and you are wondering why you are getting wrecked…

Not to be mean or anything, but I would suggest to play a bit QuickPlay first before jumping back into Hunt 2.0. Reason for this is because every Hunter team in Hunt 2.0 is now a very well coordinated team (with much more map, wildlife and monster experience). You will find it much harder to defeat those teams and need to be that much more precise, know where to ambush, FT3 (depending on the comp), and so on.


I’m gonna saaaay… Kraken is top dog atm. Goliath probably comes in second? I still like playing Wraith, generally take damage output. I used to take movespeed before hunt 2.0.

Anyways, I think there could be some threads out there with people who are willing to help!


i don’t take it the wrong way, i have already been doing that to find the feeding spots again. the dropship feeding time is a joke tho its like 25 seconds. I still will give it another go and time but you can defiantly see why all the evolve players have left the game. so whats the new meta for monster perks? movement speed? and whats the state 1 kraken build. i have been forced now to use 2 as 1 vortex because the chances of getting trapped at stage 1 are high. all the players know the choke points


ah man i always play kraken its my baby, i wouldn’t say he’s op. people say that cause he can fly. i had a gold destroyer team yesterday and ill be honest its not the monster thats op its the hunters :smiley:


yeah and about the ambushing i think I’m just gonna start fighting near the tyrants and nomads that gonna give me the edge


No… That is just lack of feeding route knowledge. If you are getting caught that quick you are playing wrong my friend.


your prob right man, I’m going by the routes i used to take via bamsplayground i think they are maybe at random now?


For most monsters, movement speed is a good choice (especially Goliath and Kraken). For Behemoth I chose traversal speed recharge as this way he gets faster in and outside of combat, not to mention that his rolling does damage and knock back to hunters.

For Kraken I would suggest 1 point in LS, BM and Vortex. Depending on what Hunter comp you are facing, it would be best to sneak from the start and go perhaps somewhere unexpected (most Hunter team comps know where the biggest meat are and tend to start looking there).

Check out @deanimate’s videos for the wonders he does with Goliath (I swear, the amount of time I promote his videos >,< )


well actually no i am right it used to be like 40 second headstart its defo not that now haha


I’m pretty sure it’s always been 30 seconds.


thats what I’m looking for bro, up to date videos :smiley: yeah i started to think utilising 3 moves was a better choice. appreciate the help and thanks for the advice thats all i need to know. I’m a good monster always have been just need to adapt to the new’metas’ because thats how the game rolls


Regardless of what it was and what it is now doesn’t make you right. The time given is fine and like I said if you are getting caught too quickly you are playing wrong remember you haven’t been on the game so do not have the knowledge needed to know how to deal with the situation.


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, go reinstall the game and play offline and count ;D


ok boss, the game has been catered for the new players man, pre evolve was much better, unless you are a new player? and have just adapted to the new ways?


but yeah regardless your right its a totally diff ball game now


Hey dude, being passive aggressive and rather rude isn’t a very good way to get information out of people. What Mountain said is correct. Feeding time has never changed.