What has happened?!


Not sure what topic this goes under so I just put it here…

I am on the in-game store and I noticed that the Hunting Season pass is now gone, which bummed me out, but that’s not all… I went over to the assault section and NOTHING IS THERE! Not even Torvald! Torvald isn’t even on “All”. What happened? Will he be back? And will the Season pass come back too or that gone forever now? If it’s gone for ever that’s a shame, I was gonna get it this weekend…


Also ALOT of skins are gone aswell


what platform?


I’m on XboxOne


are you in the ingame store or on xbl store?


In-game store


Have you tried refreshing/ restarting the game?
Or try xbl store directly?


The way described it it’s the in game store just checked mine on Xbox and it’s fine I’d suggest just restarting the game


Restarting it now


Let us know if that works.


Hmm… Still gone


I’ll look in the Xbox store


Restart console.
also what region are you in?
I notice some regions have issues with stores while others don’t


I’m in Texas


Well it’s in the Xbox store… I’ll restart the console instead maybe


Weird I don’t know what to tell ya lol


That’s where I live.
I would buy directly from xbl if it’s there and restarting console might help ingame store


Restarted the console. And it worked…This thing isn’t in the best shape


It was the console, lol sorry I freaked out for nothin’


No problem.
I freak out about skins occasionally :wink: