What Has Changed Goliath in the last patch PC?


Currently one a losing streak of 6 playing Goliath. I don’t consider my self a master, no where near but I would win a game more often than I would lose.

Since the patch, can’t win to save a small kitten.


its just you my friend sorry :/, I was not aware of any changes to goliath, Edit: just noticed you’re on PC, im on xbox one.


There’s a lot of complaints currently about damage not registering from rock throw, leap slam, and I think it took a melee stamina reduction too (so you power attack less). Take a look and watch your abilities and if they land any damage… Apparently Goliath has the “most” abilities that are graphically landing, but not placing damage.

Goliath isn’t the only one… Parnell’s super soldier ability apparently doesn’t activate but still takes his health. Doesn’t happen every time, but enough to notice.


I have to agree with behemothking. nothing was changed for Goliath only the stamina chain attack but that was an exploit fix. The only other big change was only if you relied on the Elite Wildlife Buffs because they were changed.


if you relied on heavy attack combos you should see a difference since it was nerfed


Only one change occurred and it is cross platform for 3 monsters. Heavy melee attacks (power hits) occur very slightly less often for Goliath Kraken and Wraith. Other than that nothing changed for Goliath with this patch unless theres some unknown bug that came with it.


this has happened to me


There are a few problems with Goliath and Behemoth atm. Fissure / Leap Smash / Rock Throw don’t register sometimes (the skill simply disappears, no sound, no visuals or anything) which can cost you the game.


cosign (filler)


I joined one game and I was in some strange observer mode with 4 empty skill slots and 2 armour and 2 health bars. It took around 1 minute of me following hunters until I finally got the control of the monster which to my surprise was behemoth. Strange bug. I was lucky that the hunters didn’t find me in that time and I could see what they are doing :stuck_out_tongue: nevertheless…this should be addressed. And what about Goliath flying across the map after traversal. Has anybody else noticed that? I had situation where I was about to finish one hunter, leapt towards him and I just flew away up in the sky and across the dome…I got killed fairly quickly in that game.


The other change not mentioned yet is the reduced traversal stamina recharge in combat. Running around stage 1 domes is harder now.


i have a clip of this recorded under my thread named Xbox One glitches


I am still yet to win a game as Goliath since patch, something not that obvious has changed, whether it be buffs to hunters or nerfs to Goliath, something isn’t right.


Okay my loosing streak is over now thank the Monster lord above us.