What happens when the timer runs out at the end of a match?


I’ve seen it happening a few times but never actually saw it run out. What happens?


You mean after the monster hits stage 3? If the monster doesn’t destroy the generator in time the hunters win.


Yup, but the timer will pause if the two teams are fighting or if the monster is attacking the power relay (generator) so we never end the game if the teams are actively doing what they’re supposed to.


makes sense

the only thing that feels kind of awkwardly forced to me is the final confrontation by the generator. The hunters are supposed to be just that - hunters. I don’t like that most games end up with them camping one spot and waiting for the monster instead of actively trying to find the monster in the environment. I feel like there should be some kind of incentive for the hunters to keep looking for the monster even at stage 3 instead of just bunkering down.

Though my opinion of this may change when i get the chance to play hands on


In most maps, it is advantageous to keep the pressure on the monster. When monsters stage up, they lose all armor and must spend time feeding to gain it back before attacking the power relay. Best chance to beat a Stage 3 is by not letting it get armor. Those who camp are just asking for a beating, in my option. Yes, you get to set up traps, but that’s only going to help you out for the first fifteen seconds of the fight.

Dam is a bit of a problem because of the map layout. The power relay is far to one side of the map. If you chase the monster too far away, it can double back and destroy the relay before you can back there. So in Dam, we venture out a bit looking for the monster, but the team tries to stay within reach of the relay. As a Trapper, I’ll go out and try to trap the monster. If I manage to get it in a dome, the rest of the team will come running.


Btw, does the timer pause during ANY combat? So if it’s 5 minutes into the game, and the monster gets caught at stage 1, does that fight stop the clock since there is active combat going? Or does the clock only pause when the monster hits stage 3?


Only pauses when it’s down to two minutes or less left in the game.


Another question - What abilities stop when you take damage?

I know the monster sneak attack/pounce gets canceled if he takes damage. Is it ANY damage, or is there a threshhold? If the monster begins to eat a downed hunter will he stop on taking damage? Will he be unable to attack the generator when he takes damage?


Yes to your last two questions.


Is there no threshhold?

like one minigun bullet would stop me? seems a little frustrating but i suppose it’s part of the games balance


I don’t think so. This might change based on our feedback but I doubt it.

There was a match at E3 during the tournament where the monster nearly had the generator destroyed but couldn’t keep “interacting” with it because the trapper (maggie) was shooting him with a machine pistol. Also in the interactive trailer, one shot from Val puts Goliath off of Griffin. Also there are clips from E3 where Kraken is chowing down on some wildlife and reavers (which are small and very weak) come and attack him. I don’t think his armor barely even moves but it’s enough to stop him eating.


I feel like that’s a bit silly. There should be a damage threshhold. A small one, but one none the less.