What happens if i activate a steam cd key for Evolve now the game is free?


Title says it all, i am just curious.


I think you will get the founder edition


Interesting… Does anyone know that for sure?


There’s no Founder Edition, you get Founder Status as DLC on the game, and access to the Legacy game.


Uhm, could you please make it easier for me to read? I didnt fully understand what you meant.


If you activate a steam key for evolve then you should get founder status. As a word of warning there have been people reporting that they have not either been given or have founder status active after doing using the key though. If this happens then follow the steps in the bottom of the original post here.

Otherwise file a 2K support ticket here and they should be able to help.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


@Jedi_Warrior If I understood correctly buying and activating Evolve now will grant you those 30,000 keys as well, right?
Just asking because friend of mine thought about buying a copy.


Founder Status includes the 30,000 keys.


Can confirm. Bought an ‘Evolve Deluxe Edition’ steam key on a third party site, activated it on my Steam account, next time I opened evolve it played the animation intro showing all my founders content; badges, skins, keys and these characters:


This is absolutely correct. It used to be 3000 keys but it was bumped up to 30000 keys recently. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I screwed up by editing this post.


No problem at all. Do you have any more questions or am I good to close this? :slight_smile:


Nope, none at all! And he bought a copy of Evolve just now and everything went smoothly.
Thanks again for your assistance!


No questions here, thanks for the help guys, i very much appreciate it!


No problem. :wink:


Questions have been answered. :slight_smile: