What happens if Assaults get toggle key to turn personal shield on/ off


With longer cooldown time?

sometimes, I feel unfair when monster just pretend to attack me, there is no other way but turning on my personal shield.

With toggle key to turn it on/off with longer Cooldown-recharging time- (10sec added maybe?)

It could give stragetic choice to both side
I think.


Why would anyone turn their shield off if it took longer to get back up? Also, learn to use the shield when you’re just one hit away from going down. That way, the medic can heal you back to full health while you’re invulnerable!


But that eliminates the complexity and skill to that class, you need to learn when the monster is actually focusing you of getting you to pop that shield for no reason


I think it has some merits
For example, you can’t be protected from kraken’s lightning strike, Voltex and Goliath’s Rock throwing twice just with one time… shield just lasts 10secs.

Kiting is really good strategy of Kraken.

If Assault can turn on/off the shield, they may save the energy to use it proper timing and prevent enormous skill damage.

Like this.
Lighting strike - turn on - strike blocked - turn off - Voltex - turn on - Voltex blocked - turn off …


Nah, monster was smart and baited you into popping shield early… whats the problem.


The problem with that is that it’d make the assault shield OP.

Turning a shield on-and-off like this is Hank’s job.


Yah that’s why I told you that Personal shield should get 10 secs more cooldown.


Well, it’s an interesting idea, I’ll give you that. But it’d definitely need to be tested internally before being pushed out to the public build.


Yes. Thanks for your opinion too.

It must be tested.


This would just make it OP. Like Hank’s shield you could then flick it on for only a second when goliath leap smashes, rock throws or charges before you turn it off again for minimal cooldown. It essentially give them a stronger hank shield and makes the unkillable by anything other than sustained DPS like supernova. Sorry but it’s a terrible idea.


i dont get it

why would u toggle it off when it gets a longer cd? better just leave it on and take the normal cd


How about instead of a longer cooldown, it has a limited supply of time it can be activated and doesn’t start cooldown until the full time is up?

For example. Monster attack, turn on shield. Monster attack ends, turn off shield. Repeat four or five times. Monster flees. You now only have half of your assault shield left. You can either:

A. Save it for the next encounter.
B. Finish using it up and start the cooldown.
C. Continue using it against wildlife and stuff, risking not having it/enough for a monster fight.


Wow. You were in my head? How do know this idea same as mine lol.


Again, that would be OP. The monster would almost never be able to down the Assault first unless they took -massive- damage in exchange.


It would make the shields to strong if they could be toggled on an off at will.


I don’t think so. As it is, a smart monster will smack the assault a few times, and as soon as the shield shows up, they walk away to do something else. Shield down? Finish the assault. Toggling it still grants the same amount of invulnerability but allows the monster to opportunity to juke out the assault by pretending to commit and making the assault waste their shield. Or giving the assault considerable survivability if they use the shield right. As it is, the assault is kind of like, “Walk in, shoot all the things, call it a day.”

Aside from the character abilities (Mines, Grenades, and Super Soldier), they’re all pretty simple. I think it might add a level of strategy to using the assault.