What happened?


I have been gone for a while and to my surprise, Evolve has gone up in player base on PC! http://steamcharts.com/app/273350#All

So, what happened during that time? Was there another free weekend? Or some new features?

Off-topic: Where is the patch note thread?! It was always pinned, so it will display at the top but now I can’t see it anymore.


How long have you been gone for?


Oktober/November-ish. And from November on, the player base went up!



More adaptations and Emet


Oh, thats cool. Hope everyone is enjoying Emet. Though the balance patch is kinda lackluster imo. Hope the player base number doesn’t go down again.


By the way, if you haven’t already realised, Tech Sgt Hank and Wasteland Maggie are actually both pit now. The patch notes are a little outdated.


Don’t forget about the sales.


Evolve’s been doing great content wise it’s awesome .


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