What happened to the weekly challenges?


I will not talk about the Community tournament because this is something that was planned to end up on February 13.
I was messing around in the forums of TRS and then I thought about the Community challenges, the “Goliath leap frog”, the “Hank’s presents from orbit”, etc…and I noticed that those kind of challenges aren’t happening anymore.
Take a look at the “Abe & Caira Infinite love challenge”, it was the last community challenge we’ve got and it has been done there was 1 month ago.

I don’t know what happened to this, I just need some explanations to at least know why and how the community challenges stopped showing up.


You’d like some explanations, you mean? :wink: I’d also like to know when any community challenges might start up again, hopefully when the devs are around in the week they can give some insight.


Most likely because it was crunch time for TU09 that was rumored to pop up with Elder Kraken. During crunch time Dev’s don’t even exist on the mortal realm they get so busy. I assumed that is why they stopped around then. As far as coming back? Sooooon™?


I believe they are hard at work on the new update. They probably don’t have much time for the challenges.


Just got ninja’d as I was typing


It’s because the devs are working hard on the Thing U09 that the challenges aren’t comming anymore?


well ive been waiting for a whale skin or a pumpkin skin for a certain monster


We have some challenges planned for the future. Keep an eye out for announcements :slight_smile:

Where's the challenges?

It may be a factor in why there’s been a pause on them for now, yes.


Will they be repeats, new ones, or a mix of both?


Honestly, after the serious blow to the head that was “TU9 delayed for several months” that came last week on the cusp of a challenge weekend, the fact that there was no challenge weekend was adding insult to injury. IMHO organizing a challenge weekend would have taken a pittance of TRS’ resources to accomplish after dealing their player base such devastating news. Especially in light of last weekend being the SECOND challenge weekend in a row that they chose to forego. Terrible handling IMO. Just my 2 cents. Laz adaption had better be the best thing since sliced bread when he finally arrives on Labor Day is all I’m sayin’!


Yes, I’ve been waiting for some challenges. They announce Thunderchild and talk about all the cool stuff it can track. Then the challenges stopped???

Also, I don’t think the tourneys are done. I think that just marked the end of those skins being available. Kinda like the Taurus skin.


Did this happen yet? The timestamp said Feb. 26th, but I didn’t hear anything about it.


However, a short notice of TRS would have been nice. Letting the weekly community challenge/tournament die quietly is not the communication that the community wants.