What happened to the playerbase already?


I’m disappointed in how the playerbase has already significantly decreased, the weekend stats aren’t looking good at all. About an hour ago there was only like a little over 5k people playing…there was almost twice as many people playing Left 4 Dead 2. I don’t understand what happened does it have something to do with the matchmaking system that is turning people off? I really like the game even though I think there’s some balance issues that need addressed. What is the future of the game does it even have one or is it doomed already?


I don’t play on steam. I feel like some games aren’t meant to be played on PC, but don’t take that as an insult, only one man’s opinion. Some people said it might be server issues, but it might be people are waiting for it to get more stuff or go on sale, who knows these things?


So much doomsdayers.

Also, yay for higher peak than yesterday’s peak was.


…*Many. Many doomsdayers. I’m sorry, I sat for like ten minutes trying to restrain myself. I’m a derp. I shall accept that.

And really, the playerbase is fine. Keep in mind that we’re split up- some of us play but some are working, sleeping, attending to other matters. We’re fine. Please don’t become another SArais.


That was intentional.

I never use outright wrong grammar unliess it’s intended.


Oh. Forgive my ignorance. Humblest apologies. Don’t kill me.


I won’t. I need slaves instead.




yay! if this game settles at 10k for awhile we will be just fine until the influx from positive word of mouth and eventual sales.


I really can’t see why people are moaning about this game, I have endless fun with it!
IMO there aren’t any game breaking bugs.

Matchmaking, yeah isn’t great but certainly doesn’t atop me playing a round etc.

Balancing… Again not that bad, all games need some balancing after release.

I can’t imagine those are reasons player base is falling.

Maybe the fact the PC version needs a high spec to run it well? Just speculation…


Truth spoke :blush:

I’m actually starting to think what will happen after the first free weekend will happen. If that happens within the next two months, which is very possibe, we might get moar players and can school trough newbies, which I love to do from time to time.


This is a no-brainer. Multiplayer barely works, so how could you expect players to stick around after 2 weekends of this garbage? If it’s not fixed soon, which it doesn’t look like it will be, then you can consider this game toast. But let’s be honest, the damage is already done and not much they can do to bring back lost players after the shit show they are putting on.


I quite like that the peaks and troughs of the chart for evolve are so low. This means that a consistent number of people are playing, worldwide, throughout the day. It’s not regional, it’s not specific to a certain time, it’s a general level of player base that enjoys the game whenever. That is a healthy state to be in.


There’s Nic … again, being all calm and rational.

You just don’t “get” the Internet. :smirk:


Things come up, my consistent team is off this weekend with birthdays and the like. I got my 4 hours in today, but other than that. I know a lot of people who are waiting for the first patch to come out. Numerous Nvidia issues, a friend whos ROG Swift just won’t run Evolve (everything else is fine, Evolve just black screens, first nerf/buff pass). Not to mention loss of progess etc. Some people just don’t feel safe playing right now considering the issues.


There are a lot of issues that turn people away.


Calm down maybe? If you consider the game a no-brainer, I’m afraid you won’t enjoy it at all.

@niaccurshi How the hell are you still putting up with the internet without ever flipping out? You gotta become my idol with that.


It was something I had feared for a while, but fortunately there is some light.

IMO its Wraith. The hate and the divide of players have made things unpleasent on a lot of levels as the forums here show. The Wraith debate is heavily ongoing and with no offical statement by the designers that she is being adjusted (there have been hints but nothing claimed) people are loosing faith.

There are other issues too. Caira and Cabot are devistating in the heal + damage support department, while Griff’s sound spikes aren’t offering as much Data as a Trapjaw or a Tracking Dart.

However there is hope still:

  • The balance patch is (hintedly) incoming to fix some of this
  • They are balance testing this week
  • There are 4 new hunters and a 4th new monster comming, which will bring re-newed interest in it
  • Flaws aside from some OP characters, its a good game in its design


The playerbase has more than halved on PC in a little over a week.

I would imagine it’s a number of factors…

Reset progress
Players who have their progress reset may very well stop playing the game or there may people who aren’t playing for fear it may happen to them.

Lack of content/Content gets old fast
Lets face it, the map may change but there is little variance in how a game plays out. The “campaign” is terrible due to the auto balance ruining it. Hunters have more than Monsters at the minute in the way of gameplay and things to choose from.

This Monster just puts people off playing. Don’t waste your time posting about how you enjoy playing against Wraith because you’re an extreme minority. Simply not fun to play against and I would not be surprised if people put this game down after playing against it a few times.

Matchmaking issues
Unless you play in a stack you can those times where you just keep getting put as the Monster when you don’t want to play it.

Reset progress aside there are bugs such as spawning as an Ebonstar solider, entering a game and getting stuck in spectator mode, getting lock ups as a Monster and so on.

Naturally when Behemoth and the T4 Hunters hit there will be an increase but I highly doubt it’s going to give this game a sustainable playerbase. The truth is this game is only going to live for as long as TRS support it by pumping out maps, modes, Monsters and Hunters and they’ll only do that as long as this game is generating money. A game with such a small playerbase wont generate money.

If there ends up being a 6th Monster I will be really surprised.


Small playerbase? We are averaging around 10k with PC alone. Consoles apparently outsold PC 8:1 or something like that. So, still want to call that a small playerbase? This isn’t going to be CoD, and I’d rather it not try to be.