What happened to the Monsters that were spread out across the universe?


After Paladin Parnell, War Bucket, and Thunderchild Sunny trapped the Monsters in their dimension, what happened to the Monsters on other planets? Did they get transported back to their home somehow or are they still out there, killing people and taking over planets? Would they still be able to use the eggs for transportation so they can go to other planets?


That is a good question. Sadly, no one knows and maybe the only one who knows is @GentlemanSquirl…but he is no longer active on the forum since 6 month and I highly doubt he would never come back.


You said that about Phil and he proved you wrong. :wink:


I thought their whole dimension was cut off from ours, so that they could no longer cross over, and Patterson drives became useless?

If so, I think any monsters present in our dimension would fall like empty gloves, or severed hands.

I bet @Takran would have a good intuition on this.


So you’re saying they’d just die instantly once their dimension got cut off from ours? Since they’d one day regain access to our dimension, would those Monsters come back to life since they weren’t killed by Hunters? Would their dimension reopening give them their energy back?


As far as I’ve read into it, I pretty much agree that’s what would happen. They would either decay or be hunted down without access to their homeworld. And dead monsters would actually stay dead.

That said, we don’t actually know what happens in this final confrontation, so it is impossible to say what the long standing effects of it would be.


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So that means if they’re linked to their homeworld but in the end have no way to come back to it, they lose their “soul”…kinda.

That’d be interresting for the lore of my project.


Their bodies weren’t made to last, so they’d break down and die over time. While within a body, the true beings are shielded from a universe not mean to support beings such as them, but without a way to return to their home dimension it’s anyone’s guess what happens. Maybe they’ll be able to reformulate a body without returning all the way home, trapped in an endless cycle they view as eternal torment. Maye they’ll warp and twist into something new that can survive in our universe. Maybe they’ll simply dissipate and die.


I should clarify that what I said is my own speculation, not canon.


Question a bit late, what happened to @GentlemanSquirl? Do you have any evidence why he’s no longer active?


Busy most like. Not to intone that ArPharazon isn’t, but he may have a different role on current undertakings.

There are a lot of TRS peeps we don’t hear from.


I’d like to hear a bit from him and the stuff he had for the game though. We can’t get any informations about the game’s lore if he doesn’t come back.


Probably working on their new game.


Makes sense, but why don’t he go on the forums during his free time then?


We’re on the same project. Not to speak for him, but he does look busy to me. :slight_smile: Being a design lead, he’s sort of connected to everything, whereas I’m only needed in specific areas at the moment.


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