What happened to the leaderboards


Are they ever coming back?


Is this talking Xbox? Cuz PC and PS4 are up.


I have been begging them to get mine back and going but it’s been over a week with only a few replies stating that they got my info. I was number 2 goliath on Xbox One and just back in the top 100.


Losing hope that we will get our wins back -_-


press the top 15 button


Does it give you some sort of error? I haven’t played in a while but when I did and had tried checking the top 15 I usually always got an error of some sort causing it not to load. Sometimes it seemed to work and other times it didn’t. I think I got on yesterday and it actually worked. It only happens from time to time, at least for me.


top 15 not working for me for 3 days straight now


Yeah. it might be the same issue I experienced. I’ll start up Evolve now and check if it’s still doing so… Will update with results.

EDIT: They’re working fine on my end.

What were you top at? No need to answer of course. I see some might’ve been adjusted. Maybe a few were knocked off the top for reasons… Not gonna leave names. Just speculation is all. Either way, sorry to hear they’re not working for you.

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