What happened to the hunter death screen?


What I’m referring to is from the first gameplay footage of evolve. In it when someone died, their video feed went offline and they couldn’t hear. All they saw was the countdown to respawn.

I personally think this should be re-added. It gave something to penalize hunters for dying (strikes only occur if revived not on death). Just disable video and text/voice chat for the dead. That way they don’t know what to expect.


I disagree. Not only is it boring for the 2 min wait to look at FEED OFFLINE, the team aspect and communication is still important to instruct team members what they should be doing when you`re dead which can make or break a game.



It was a feature that was supposed to make the Hnters have to communicate about what happened to their buddies, but it’s beter that you get to spectate people now. Less boredom, better comms.


Maybe they shouldn’t

you know

DIE then?


That’s a flawed mindset. Against good enemies, or with bad allies, or by pure chance, Hunters die. They always will die, for however short time. Even if they were dead for 10 seconds before winning/losing, they missed a huge chunk of the game, and they suffered two minutes of sheer boredom. When they drop in, they have no idea what’s going on, where to go, game status, what happened, etc. Yes, team mates could tell them, but it’s far, far, FAR better for them to just spectate. They keep up with what’s happening, it isn’t boring, and they can aid their team mates or give advice.

And could you imagine missing the last part of a super tense game? What an anticlimax.


Well, if it’s a feed anyway - why not just watch the feed of another hunter? Whoever is watching that feed.


It would be absolutely boring to stare at a blank screen for two minutes each time you die. I’d hate to see this reimplemented. HOWEVER; what I want to see is a more immersive spectator camera instead of the shoulder perspective. I imagine a camera feed from the surviving hunters similar to buckets uav sight, from first person.


It’s far more tense not seeing what’s happening.


There’s a loading screen hint telling you to communicate when dead. So this is definitely intended.

And even if spectating is turned off, never turn off voice chat. Why? Because that promotes not using in-game voice chat in the first place. 2 people start playing together and choose to use skype or teamspeak over in-game because those will stay on even while dead.
On xbox and playstation, you can also have party chat or smth like that to avoid in-game chat. So even there this would just be a bad idea on every level.

@Desolas I think most players do not care about it being more tense. Most people still play this game for fun.
If you’re really that bothered by your ability to see things, why not simply not watch instead of forcefully impairing the many players who like being able to see things?
If I was forced to watch a blank screen for 2 minutes, I’d probably tab out of the game and go do something else. Then forget about the game (because I’m doing something else) and have an AI take over my character after a while (if I’m not already kicked for AFK).


No. Once, when all of us bar our Medic was dead, with us watching, he kites the Monster through mines and acid before narrowly dodging a killing blow and getting a sniper headshot for the kill. If we had missed out on that? And other EPIC climaxes and endings like it?


I can see this making sense in a hardcore bracket for 40’s, but it’s bloody terrible for general play.

I guarantee you that if this remained as the default kill screen for the final version of Evolve, players would be FLOCKING to the forums to have TRS change it. Everyone’s used to the current system employed by other FPS’ such as CS:GO and TF2. Having this still exist would just sour a dead players experience. They’ve already died and are out of combat for 2+ minutes, why penalize them even further?

Not to mention, this would be pointless for players teaming up on an alternative chat system such as Mumble/TS/Steam Chat. Sure, you couldn’t see anything, but you could still keep your comms up through an alternative system. So really, I see this being reintroduced pointless really.