What happened to the Giant Goliath statue?


Oh really? So 2K doesn’t entirely have the rights on every Evolve stuff, right?

I'd say...


Ummmm 2K still owns the rights. Just cuz its in storage doesn’t mean they don’t own it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well…fuck it already! Fuck their rights and fuck their logic! That statue isn’t their creation either, nor is the game!


Ummm… They own the rights? Not sure why you are so mad about that.


But you just said it!


Ya again. It’s not like they stole something that wasn’t theirs. They owned the rights even before the game came out.


They have the rights, but it’s not their creation! Do you understand? And that’s the same for all the other publishers.


You kinda need to chillax :slight_smile:


Everytime I hear about 2K, my smile disappear, 2K’s made a disgusting move from my point of sight because they suck at marketing and they pretend that it’s TRS’s fault if the game wasn’t profitable enough.
Anyway, we’re off-topic now.



Each time i see you your profile pick becomes more angry.


Heh, I also noticed that it’s my kind of trait. I often repeat it but I’m honestly a hot-headed person.


It’s somewhere In SoCal haha and not storage they actually painted all the details once this warehouse they make like booths, displays and like shit for events for cars video games and what not they make the statues there too they also have kratos and his son prototype statue


It’s in the warehouse it was created in


That’s pretty great, but, doesn’t it take too much space? I mean, I can’t imagine you guys keeping the statue there forever right?

And if it is ever broken down, I’m pretty sure some people would love to get like the head, hand or a feet of Goliath (I’m sure it would make a wonderful garden decoration, lol)


Likely made a foam or some sort of material like that, I doubt it’ll last long in the elements.


True enough…maybe indoor decoration?


A man-cave decoration, if anything. The full-sized statue won’t fit in any home unless the room is specifically constructed for it or the room is big enough for it to begin with.


If someone actually went ahead and bought this just to have it in their house, they probably also built a dedicated room for it. Possibly with a shrine.


Exactly what I was thinking.