What happened to the Giant Goliath statue?


There’s a video of how they made it. Pretty cool.


I know where the statue is, it’s sitting inside my work just chilling



You’re the “owner” of that statue? How?!




He didn’t say he owns it, just that it’s apparently in the warehouse where he works lol


Good to see ol’ Goliath is looking no worse for the warehouse, albeit awfully bored (and hungry). Are you able to disclose the owner of the statue (guessing 2K still)? Seems like an odd asset to hold onto.


My keen eye says hes still in the warehouse he was created in, Glad to see he hasn’t been scraped. <3


I still want mah trophies from Pax East >.< :frowning:


They are probably in the crates next to him :frowning:


Where is the address. I’m curious for… picture taking purposes of course…


The statue is in my basement, next to the pyramids.


This is the one time I wouldn’t close a necro thread… Where the hell is this warehouse?!


I know :smiley:




Just don’t ever order the Goliath statue from project tri-force. They will scam you out of your money. I ordered the Goliath statue from them and they refused to do anything for me after I gave a down payment on it. Legit scammers, do not recommend.


Let me go to the google map to see if the picture’s background is actually 2k’s HQ.


Its not :smiley:


Yeah it is not.
I wondered that this statue might be created and placed for some video game expo like E3 while Evolve was just published.


Its in a storage warehouse atm. Or well it was when I went out to TRS.