What happened to the Giant Goliath statue?


That’s cruel. And a misuse of your mod powers.



That would look great in my backyard! (no pun intended)


@TheMountainThatRoars would give up his mod powers for that Goliath statue.

Maybe we should have an auction for it… Highest bidder get the statue :smiling_imp:


Do you not know the Rules of Dibs? It supersedes all other forms of calling ownership. The auction would be cancelled on account of me already being the rightful owner.


O Rly?


Ok, you might have power here, but dibs are eternal!


IF that’s the case, then I was correct. I do, indeed, get the Emet version on the “When the Hunt is just right” theme and get to use it as my profile picture.

Carry on.


I lost me leg in nom.


Your other leg then. jk, I’m pulling your leg.


Everyone says they’re bidding, but hell, I doubt anyone’s getting this shit! :"D


I’d probably have to donate both my kidneys to pay for this.


I vote they hold a tournament.
1st place gets a prize AND the statue.
The winning team can decide what to do with it. (probably award it to their monster main)


My whole house, dog, cat, bird, car, arm, leg, Xbox, and drawing tablet are in the running for it.


I’m selling everything my family owns. Which is a lot.


Yeah well I wager my soul. Top that.


I’ll make an entire game for that statue. And then force TRS to build it in their studio as a reminder.


I wager everything in the universe. Including souls.


Stop arguing. I’M the one who called dibs, so it’s mine.


I’m just gonna steal it…