What happened to the Giant Goliath statue?


I was just surfing on the net for all things Goliath (yeah, I’m bored).

When suddenly, I stumbled upon this amazing picture of a giant Goliath statue

And I was wondering, where is it now? At TRS? Hidden in the secret basement of 2K Games? Or broken down?

Because wauw, I would love to see this on the streets and take a picture of myself with it.


Here’s the making of video I found as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkdOLbBr4ps


In the TRS offices I think.


In Griffin’s shed.


This statue is at my place. I run a pickpocketing gang of street urchins and after a busy night of picking pockets, me and my crew hang out on the statue perched like birds and count our loot, talking about our hopes and dreams. If you can find my place, pics are $5, joining my gang is one child’s fist full of shillings.


@GrizzleMarine was in the HQ, for some reason I want to believe it’s in the Lobby. Don’t know why I have that idea


Nah its not at TRS. Its defiantly in 2Ks hands but have to say I love that thing.


I talked to one of the Devs at some point. I believe it was @Shaners or @LadieAuPair.

It’s somewhere taken apart in a warehouse or something I believe.



I can confirm slightly what Shredder said. It’s basically in storage. Someone really should just have that as a lawn ornament somewhere :slight_smile:


Get off my property!

Or maybe a scarecrow!





I’ll buy that statue!


It’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg. :wink:


Deal. Where do I sign?


Excuse me but no. I was the first one to suggest that TRS mount it in their HQ rooftop/lawn.

If they don’t want it I’ll sell my soul for it.


I will also throw in my soul!


It’s funny that nobody’s said this yet, but DIBS. It is now mine, as stated by the ancient laws of dibs.


I’ll sell your soul for it.


It’s weird, I just had a vision of your post disappearing into nothingness. How odd…