What Happened To The Forums "Activity"?

Is it me, or the “activity” section is way too stretched now?

I’m surprised nobody talked about this yet, it’s been like that for weeks or months.

I thought it was always like that…

No, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long. It was exactly as long as the “notifications” section.


You mean that the forum now has different kinds of topics of different themes?

I meant that posts are so long now that even the horizontal scroll bar shows.


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It’s fine for me


I have this issue as well. Though I rarely ever go to that page.

It’s fine for me. Is your browser zoomed in?

This is a much nicer topic than i expected. When I saw the activity in quotation marks I thought this was someone coming back to the forums to talk trash about the community.

Yeah same here, I thought it was like a “Where is everyone!? IS THIS FORUM DEAD!? GIT GUD!!!” or something like that. Altho I will admit I did get a chuckle from that horizontal scroll bar. Dunno why tho.


No, my browser is not, I also thought that might be the problem, but I checked it and it was default.

OK just wanted to say that the problem seems fixed now.

Thanks TRS <3

You can close this now