What happened to the Dome preview?


Can we have the dome preview back?

It was one of the changes that made the game less accessible imo. Now, throwing good domes is based completely on remembering what was a good dome or not, and it made it less clear how to land good domes.

This can only lead to a skill wall.

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Could the you maybe have the dome preview cone up while holding the button to throw the dome?

That way the preview wouldn’t show up while near the monster and confuse anyone.


I’m pretty sure the dome gets thrown directly over wherever the monster is now so it would be a lot harder for the hunter throwing it to control it anyways. I’m not sure having the preview is even necessary or feasible anymore since the hunter doesn’t have nearly as much control over it now. Just make sure you’re in an area that you would want to fight in.


Very interesting idea. Let me think on it.


I do not believe so, at a relay yesterday my teammates and I baited the monsters escape and had them hit a dead end once it went up.

And this is a great idea, or even if the prompt is avaible if the dome preview could linger. I have had some weird dome set ups so far just because we feel more focused on catching them. Awesome mention!


I’ve said elsewhere, what do you think to the idea that everyone can see the dome preview only if the trapper is in LoS of the monster, and in range? It kind of gives a bit of uniqueness back to the trapper without putting the pressure on them.

Edit: I can see the flip side that it could be confusing that only one class can do this, of course, but I know a lot of legacy trappers are looking for that crutch


I’d rather whoever is in range and LoS can see the dome preview. To have only the trapper have it isn’t consistent considering every hunter can deploy the dome, it makes no sense to have only one class have it.


On a slightly related note, what happened to the little drone animation when deploying a dome? It was so cool!


I need to reword it… that everyone can see the preview if the trapper is in LoS.


I kind of like that. I played Trapper because I felt good being relied on, but still a bit stressed. Now the stress is gone, so maybe we can have a bit of that old feeling of importance back, haha.


I thought I saw that it being thrown over the monster was the case somewhere here on the forums on launch day. And from what I remember I have thrown the dome once or twice and then immediately turned around only to see that I was near the edge of it. But I have also been sick and disoriented since before launch so perhaps my memory isn’t correct.


Nope you are correct I just played a match to double check, you are in the right! Centers on monster or at least more so.


Correct. It now always centers on the monster when thrown.


I would probably just do it by default. Like you said, it might be confusing.