What Happened to the $15K Evolve Tournament explained



So, after buying back HGL form Levi, I feel like I really need to completely explain what happened with the $15K evolve league. Keep in mind the time frame of all of this was from July 2017 - Feb 2018

When HGL started back in 2016 I did not write a business plan because I never thought I would be able to grow it into a community that had thousands of members or make it into something that had some sort of revenue stream. When I started planning for Season Two of The Far Arm League, I told myself that I want HGL to be bigger then just a community tournament organization, that I wanted to start hosting tournaments and leagues for thousands of dollars. I ended up spending months researching about business, LAN tournaments and other organizations and businesses like ESL, MLG, Esports Arena, Versus Gameplay, Infinite E&E, etc to gain knowledge to successfully host these kinds of events.

I was then emailed by Levi, He wanted to know what I was doing with HGL, I told him my currents plans of buying a space in LA and opening up an arena for HGL. Levi then asked if there would be positions opened at the arena, I told him yes but the arena wouldn’t open till July or August of 2018. This was the end of the conversation between us two for awhile. I started writing the business plan in late August of 2017 at this point Far Arm League Season Two’s format has been planned and Official Rules were in a rough draft. Things were quite for the most part up unto December 12th of 2017 . HGL was currently on a hiatus at this point as I was looking for staff. Levi then got in contact with me and sent in his resume. He then joined me in finishing the business plan and helping to get needed documents situated so we could present to investors.

A few days role by and I was struggle with calculating realistic financials, everytime I redone the sales forecast it was either to positive or to negative to attract investors. I actively searched for someone that could handle the financial side of getting a somewhat accurate forecast of sales, revenue, employee wages, costs etc. She ( Because of privacy reasons I will not give out her name) joined us on December 29th after I interviewed her. There was no problems working with her at all, she acted like she cared for HGL as a brand and loved the direction we were going with it. I then gave her access to the business plan and financial plans. She then gave me a few names that I could contact to present HGL to to talk about seed investment. After a few weeks have passed the financial plans are still incomplete and I haven’t heard nothing from her or Levi. I ended up finishing the financial plans and presented HGL to VC Task Force and Lancaster Angel Network. Both were interested in HGL but didn’t think it was ready as a brand to move on with the new business plan.

A few more weeks role by and she contacts me saying she has $500,000 secured for HGL through Sequel Fund. I got mad at her because she went out and presented HGL herself to this company that I had no clue of. She reassured me that she had good intentions for HGL and that she wanted this to be a surprise. I asked her if she had any proof of this even being remotely real, is their a contract or some sort of document saying they will invest that amount of money and what we have to give them whether that be equity or some sort of payment so they can receive ROI. She sent me pictures of a document that had her signature and 2 empty spaces for my and Levi’s signature. It also outlined the agreement between us and Sequel Fund stating that they would receive 25% equity in HGL for $500,000. She then told me she would mail out the agreement to me so I can sign it. At this point I was stoked and gave her my address.

I then looked more into Sequel Fund it looked solid with it already having invested into Switcher Studios and Onovative. I scrolled through their website and everything seemed legit, I ended up contacting them and asking if they have sent out an agreement for HGL, they replied back stating that I should receive the agreement soon and that they sent it to her first. Now I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that this wasn’t real I was completely stoked for what this meant for HGL and to have our first LAN tournament be for a game that means so much to me and HGL. A week later I announced the $15K tournament.

After being anxious of when the agreement was going to come in the mail, I finally called her and ask where the agreement was. She told me that she was not going to send it because there was some issue on the agreement, but never told me what exactly the issue was. I then contact Sequel Fund and ask them if they know of any issue with the agreement, they told me that there is no problem with the agreement and that they need it by February 20th or the agreement will become void. Being told about that deadline made me confused because from the pictures of the agreement Ive been sent there was no deadline on it for acceptance, so I asked about it and they told me that the agreement was for 75% equity for $500,000 with a deadline on February 20th. At this point I was pissed and confused and told them that I would not be signing their agreement and if she sends them a copy of the agreement with what appears to be mine and Levi’s signature that it’s not genuine.

The next day the tournament was canceled, Though I still said that the $15k tournament would be a thing without a LAN. For some reason after that big blow I still thought that it would of been possible for me to at least get the $15k for the tournament. In reality there was nothing I could do to make it happen. That whole experience messed me up and made my already existing trust issues worse, I was experiencing stress beyond the limit I could handle, and ultimately made my depression and anxiety unbearable, I was not fit to run an organization, so I decided that I needed to sell HGL for my own sake and so I could get myself back up again.

Well I can say that I’m healthier and happier now then I’ve ever been, and I’m really excited about owning HGL again. I hope this answers most of your guy’s questions if you still cared about the manner if not then :man_shrugging: Just feels nice to put everything out here.

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Hey, everyone makes mistakes. What takes real courage is to own up to them, start pulling yourself together, making things happen, and to keep looking forward in spite of everything going on. Good on you for pulling yourself together and making things happen.

Speaking as someone who has similar aspirations on building something (Pointing to this thread: Sooo I need some community input - which the forum insists on using the thread title for which I have no idea why) I wish you the best of luck building your brand, good sir.


I am happier to know the reasons why without thinking my own thoughts on the matter. I’d really have liked for this to have happened, and I questioned it myself for a while before getting others on board as players for teams, and it was very disappointing when it got canceled. I wish we had known more of this sooner as it would have spared bad feelings towards you.

Follow your instincts. You were right not to trust such an important document in someone else’s hands, even a photo of such. I’ve had to deal with contracts before and if something doesn’t smell right, allways follow your gut.


You’re right this information should have been released months ago I failed to do that and now I have to lay in the bed I made, People will always have thoughts and opinions of others, the difference is if you allow those thoughts and opinions to affect you.


I’m glad this entire thing got cancelled. None of the Evolve players that would’ve entered the tournament care about the actual game itself. IMO a tourney for a game doesn’t mean much when people are only in it for the money and have no actual interest.


Wow, seems like you were taken for an absolute ride there. If there’s just one piece of advice I can offer you for the future it’s this. Don’t try to get too big too quickly. Whilst ambition can be good thing it can also lead to you biting off more than you can chew. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up.


There is some truth in that as some were returning purely for the money which sucked but there were definitely some players who still love the game and play regularly.


The winners would no doubt have been people currently playing the game, after all. I don’t think anybody would have been side-swiped by a group of all new players we’ve never heard of taking the title.

It WOULD be nice to have one final tournament for a prize pool before the end though…


^ What Sledge said. I sincerely doubt some greedy groups of players would be able to rise to the top, especially with players who’re experienced in the mix. Evolve is not a noob friendly game, even Stage 2 was difficult to get into, it takes hundreds of hours to even get to a decent level as a Hunter or Monster, let alone pro.

Even if you were formerly pro, your skills have no doubt rusted, Imho, it’d be on the players who still play the game rather than returning pros.


Tl:dr ?
I really can’t read all that text


Put trust in a woman to help with financials, she contacted a potential investor and said that she signed an agreement for HGL giving us $500,000 in return for 25% equity in the company. A lot of shit went down with her not sending it for the rest of us to sign and we ended up discovering that the actual document stated they would give us $500,000 in return for 75% equity in HGL. we then declined that offer.


And thus no 15k Tournament,am i correct ?





There’s zero chance new players would have stood any chance. I’m talking about pro teams that used to play like ndg and dill dozers that don’t play anymore. They were practicing almost immediately and it was purely for the money. Given their previous records in tournaments and the amount of time they would have had to get back up to speed I don’t have any doubt they would have been vying for the top spot.


I mean these guys got as good at that game as they did BECAUSE They liked evolve- But I feel much of the love got burnt out long ago, and the money was definitely the “come back appeal”.

But ya- basically this right here. ndg or the DDs 100% wouldve taken the W. There isnt a snowballs chance in HELL that any new comers who werent already playing “at that level” wouldve had any hope.

Many of these players have forgotten more about evolve than most even learned about it.


I will say that the team nab tactics so have some very skilled players and their monster is very strong as well. If I’m playing their proper team then I expect to lose most games.

Would have loved to see them, ndg and DD’s going at it. My team as well if we actually put in some damn practice.
I think we can get another tournament or two in before sept but then it will be whether anyone sticks around to play legacy. I will be but not sure if we’ll have enough to do tournaments.


i read it all. we’re sorry about what happened. i’m still surprised something like that can happen. like for that woman to do that. maybe she was trying to help by doing something first without asking, but without all the clear documents was just wrong, she could be wanting your signatures to get the money. however you’re still part of us, part of the Evolve loyalists.


oh man, we both are 1 day apart , cake day joining the forums, 2016. lol @Winters