What happened to leaderboards?

My leader boards got reset. It was only four of them but still :sob:

I used to be a little over 1000 with Markov and I was around 300 with Parnell… but not anymore :sob:

Edit: After talking to some other people on Xbox and looking at other people on the leaderboards it appears that this is a larger problem that affected quite a few players. If I had to guess why this happened I would assume that there was some maintenance recently and if you were unfortunate enough to win a match during that maintenance your leaderboards were reset.

They keep resetting on Xbox so this is nothing new

This is a known issue as you mentioned in the edit you made. As far as I know it should be fixed soon, but I don’t know whether it will be fixed in the patch on the 31st. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though as they don’t mean much at the moment. It is entirely possible that they will be reset when they are fixed anyway. As long as you are enjoying the game what do leaderboards matter? :smiley:

complain when you have around 30hrs sunk into a char and it gets reset and when that happens dont complain cuz if youre actually good with that hunter then it doesnt matter

Things like this are why I don’t give a squat about leaderboards.

Just happened to me the number 1 ranked bucket after my 3rd time of hitting 1 with bucket. Meh Until they release a ranked mode doesn’t matter

read my update and check the pics and tell me if this works the same for you!


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