What happened to Hyde? :(


I didn’t see anything about him in the patch notes. Yet I’m pulling more damage with EMET & Hank than I am with all of Hyde’s weapons combined.

p.s. Make Caira great again!


Hyde has always been a bad damage dealer. He’s just consistent.


In the old game, I was regularly pulling upwards of 15-20k. Now I’m lucky to get 10.


IIRC the onlty nerf Hyde recent got was a small DPS reduction to his Toxic Nades and a reduction to his damage/shot on his minigun, given the removal of limb damage. I think that’s about it.


I very seriously doubt it. And if you are, then it’s because you’re not using him correctly.

Hyde does decent damage, consistently. No burst, but he can keep pressure on like nobody else.

Also, Caira has better healing than Val. She’s already great.


Hyde has been a consistent damage dealer,

I can easily achieved 10-13k+ flamethrower, and 8-11k toxic nades, and few thousands with the chain gun.
That’s the number without any damage boost perks.

I like his toxic nades more than markov’s mine. Both good in tight space, but toxic grenades win in most scenario.


He use to be gr8… i remember the days! Takes the 15th shot of the night… Gnight