What Happened To Goliath? I Need Answers!


So can anyone explain to me why Goliath’s leap had to be dumb down. I don’t know why Goliath had to change an important feature to him that helps in his escape. Example: Right after the patch I played G for the first time against a good hunter team in a custom game. I could not escape from Griffins harpoons with him getting boosted by Sunny and whenever I leaped away I couldn’t get far enough b4 they domed me again. (My G’s ass still has the marks to prove it lol)

I’m getting more used to the whole change now but it doesn’t feel the same as when I played as G b4. So I just need to know why G had to get his jump lowered at least. Any info would be info enough. Thanks


Nothing happened to Goliath, Tier 4 released and theyre a bit unbalanced lol


What makes you think his jump was lowered? Because as far as I know, Goliath wasn’t touched last patch.


I believe he wasn’t touched last patch either bUT now that you say it I kinda agree with you it does seem like he jumps less. Maybe he is sore


His jumps do seem lacking. I believe it is a bug so I will wait until a bug-fix.


I’m not sure if you even noticed b4 the patch that Goliath actually has a larger leap distance, but now the leap distance doesn’t take you as far as it would normally do b4hand. I could tell right away that something was off with him.


Hahahah Nice


Let’s start a petition. Stop playing goliath and let him rest his legs so he can jump like a pro again!!! #savegoliath


I’ll have to test it then, but whatever happened it wasn’t intentional.


OMG Tier 4 too OP! Please Nerf lol


Just a weeee bit haha


From what I’ve seen they’ve at least changed the way the jump works. I kinda have to aim more upwards to gain the same height as before the patch(Aiming forward just does a dinky ass leap, aiming up still gets that massive thrust forward).


I’m in! He needs his ARRG back in the game.


Nothing changed for Goliath. Check the patch notes. It’s just placebo.


Lies! I know tempered when I’ve wasted too much time with one monster for too long. lol

I know what the patches are, but I did noticed something wrong with his jump.


Hmm. I know that the patch made Kraken’s movement a tad buggy. Perhaps call it in?


Too whom? And I’ll see what I can do if need be.


Yup, glad I am not the only one who thought that Goliath’s jump had been reduced…


@MacMan Has Goliath been fiddled with? Some people seem to think the leap has been altered, intentionally or not.


No tuning changes. Could always be new bugs introduced, or bugs got fixed that change the way it feels, but there is no intention on our part to change anything in the Goliath tuning.