What happened to evolve?


Now bare with me guys new to the forum but have played evolve since the beta. So I just re -downloaded the game along with a couple of my buddies (last time I played was the long period of no content after Lennox was released) and dear God what happened to this game? I only get 3 mines or harpoons, can’t even keep up with the tremendous damage the monster deals unless I’m slim, and Hunter damage? Lol feels like I’m shooting peas in his face. Only time I see me or any of my buddies do damage is with Hyde or tech hank. We all run as a premade with our best roles and all have been playing since the beta, our tactics still work but Damn the amount of damage we do is nothing and every game ends within 1 minute left. Does anyone else feel the same? And if someone could direct me to all the changes number wise. Used to love this game and defends it against all the haters but Damn it doesn’t even feel like the same game


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No actually :worried: quite the opposite, I feel like my premade shreds monsters.

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Thanks man, but really? Just had match against the wraith with my old fashioned favorite markov and was taken aback with how much damage we simple where not dishing out. We won as we tend to win most matches but Damn felt like a did more damage back around summer

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You won and yet you’re complaining that it was a tough fight? O.o


One thing that changed was that wraith actually got some health/armour buffs, so it’ll seem like you were doing less when you were doing the same or similar :slightly_smiling:


No problem happy to help :smile:

Hmmmm, well he wasn’t nerfed or anything so I’m not sure, it could just be because you haven’t played in a while. I think you’ll get used to it, I feel like I do some pretty decent damage as Markov, it might be your imagination.


My fights with monster recently have end up well for me. The only thing I don’t like it’s the flee till stage 3 strategy and the devs already said that they found a way to prevent that :slightly_smiling:

Btw, welcome to the forums! :bucket_cute:


Use this comp: val, sunny, blitz markov/torvald, jack/abe

Hunters are OP right now, I think you’re out of practice.


Yeah I’d say just break that rust off and you won’t have the same feeling for long.

I started dying light up after a six month hiatus- I struggled hard, and I used to run around in the dark no flashlight with no problem haha.


Could just be out of practice but yea winning isn’t everything if it’s just a long drawn out boring battle. And where did all these newcomers come from? I can imagine it’s Christmas noobs


Newcomers are great news! Besides, everyone in here was one at a certain point C:

Plus, I like teaching them strategies and basic stuff when I can.


Quick question though tech hank or regular hank? Tech Sgt seems better espcuasly if you get shields on evryone before a fight

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This is a playstyle choice. If you have a player that can position themselves well, and has a keen eye for when to pull the shield out to block an ability… then Hank is going to be the way forward in most fights.

However for your more action oriented kind of player, applying that shield before the fight and concentrating solely on the laser beam and timing the orbital laser is going to be more useful to the team. The shield takes so long to apply that during a fight it’s usually not worth it when you could be spending that time putting the damage in.

My tip if you’re going to run Tech Sgt Hank… get used to running interference. You all have shields, so if the monster is focusing your medic and it looks like it’s (for example) going to throw a rock, and you are an assault or trapper with shields on you… jump in the way of that rock, use your shield to take the bullet safely!


Ok sounds about right. Already have regular hank elite so might as do the knock off hank


I like regular Hank personally. But I agree with @niaccurshi, it’s all about preference. The two play very differently, so it’s really up to you. :smiley_cat:


You complain about the comp, yet you encourage people to play it? I don’t understand you, WK.


You say damage feels less right? Well, assaults do the same damage they always have. The only hunter that has had a huge damage change is Bucket.

The only other thing that may explain it is your rustiness or the fact that Stage 3’s got an armor buff. Behemoth should be taking less damage as well(he alsp has less health though), but Kraken should be taking more.

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