What happened to AI Director?


So, what ever happened to the AI Director from left 4 dead? If you haven’t played that game, the AI Director controlled when you were attacked by zombies, weather effects, placement and frequency of hp or ammo kits, and more. It was all based around how well or poorly your team was performing.

I wonder why TRS didn’t incorporate something very similar into evolve. Have dynamic weather, elite wildlife buffs, or ambient music all based on how the match was going.

If the monster is getting beat down at stage 1 with hunters all over him on the chase, throw in a violent thunderstorm to give more cover.

Monster just hit stage 3 with full hp and armor, spawn an armor buff elite near the generator.

Obviously, this balancing AI Director would be off in tournament play or a ranked playlist, but for skirmish, it would help even out all the one sided matches. PUG games generally end really quickly with one side smashing the other, or they run 23 grueling minutes with a hunter team unable to dome a monster who is unwilling to fight.

AI Director steps in after 10 straight minutes of nothing more than jogging simulator with some birds to help locate the monster and force an encounter.

With good, even, back and forth matches, the AI Director can sit back and let things run as usual. Throw in some intense music at the right times for added effect. (wait… does this game have music during the hunt or is just jungle noises??)


There’s music. Fusion Plant as hunter has the best soundtrack.


Never before…

Has such a genius idea been thought of



I’m not sure how I feel about it balancing the match towards hunters if I’m stomping as Monster. I normally engage stage one and wipe them and I don’t want them getting an advantage just because I’m good and they aren’t organized enough.


I agree, I feel like this would make the game less about skill and more about trying to game the AI balancing system. Right now the game is balanced so that it’s about 50/50 for wins on both monster and hunters and that’s how it should be. The game shouldn’t help out hunters or a monster that’s doing poorly.


As long as you can turn it off in tournament play i’d say this is a great idea.

You could tweak a lot of things with a system like this like buffs, bird rng, wild life agro to hunters/monster, weather, food spawn rate. Basically control all the little random aspects of the game and swing them in the direction of the loosing team. That said this would probably be a lot of dev effort so not much chance of seeing this in game any time soon.


It’s not really 50/50. The total wins losses comes out pretty close to even, but if you take an average monster player, they will stomp almost every PUG. It’s not uncommon to see stage 1 wins or huge 20 game win streaks from a Monster that knows what’s up because PUGs don’t often communicate, and they just aren’t very good. One terrible hunter player can sabotage an entire team.

On the other side of the coin, there are some really terrible monster players that get killed within 3 minutes. Parties of 4 hunters that always play together can have their way with most monsters. This is how the community balances to 50/50.

From what I’ve heard of tournaments, they are fairly even, but in a completely different way. Nobody is stomping hunter teams at stage 1, and nobody is catching a stage 1 monster who is trying to flee while still in sneak mode… Tournament play seems to be how the game was designed.

AI Director would just affect those terribly one sided PUG matches. Sure, it would try to remove those dominating rounds, but on the whole, it would try to create more balanced, exciting matches. Key word, TRY. Lol… You can only help a terrible hunter team so much.


I agree. It’s more of something to think about for an Evolve 2, or… why was this feature from Left 4 Dead abandoned in TRS’s next game, Evolve? Seems like it was already developed.


no need for rnd bullshit


Its great for getting more intense and close games, ie more fun for both sides.

Of course off in tournaments and competitive play but for normal gamers that what fun in their game its only a positive side.


You mean rng? It wouldn’t be random as it would be based on the game’s progress.

The game actually does have rng carrion birds currently. It would make sense if those birds only gave away your position if the monster was fleeing for an entire game and the hunters needed help catching up. This would take out the randomness of carrion birds and only have them show up to avoid actionless matches.

I don’t want to seem like I want the hunt part of the game killed. I’m talking only about those matches where an inexperienced trapper is chasing after an endlessly fleeing monster. If I’m stuck in one of those games, I’d appreciate SOMETHING helping a successful dome occur.


@MacMan and @SlabOMeat please look into this amazing idea


All this talk about competitive play and wanting to keep RNG out of it…but where is the competitive play? Where’s the audience for these competitions? It’s obvious that this game simply won’t succeed in the competitive shooter scene for very long–and implying that its succeeded at all is very generous. Combined with a lacking progression system, this game is very novelty. Why not exploit that novelty?


Sounds good! But I’d prefer to have the AI director working with me as the Monster… Monsters need all the help they can get in this build.


Absolutely. It should always work to encourage fun matches and prevent one sided victories. If things are going just fine, the AI Director would simply sit back and let things run their course.

Really, I just wanted to know if there was ever talk of utilizing a system similar to Left 4 Dead’s AI Director. As said above, Evolve is too far down the line to add this in now. Maybe it’s worth considering for the less competitive skirmish matchmaking mode in a future product.


This would be a great idea for a setting in custom matches but otherwise I don’t want a side to gain an advantage just because the other side is doing better.


Not just doing better, but dominating. It would only interject itself into a completely one sided affair. Those games that people quit out during. Some system like this may salvage the entertainment value of a match like that.


Yep I think about this all the time when we can’t find the monster… and then it starts snowing so I really really can’t find the monster lol. Reverse AI director lol