What happend to Griffin?


So i haven’t played the game for some time and i come back to see my favourite trapper has been hit by the nerf bat.Sound spikes been nerfed?..I don’t remember many people complaining about how “op” he is.Also,did they reduce the range of the spikes i think they were 120 meters or something now it is 70 something meters.But i could be mistaken it has been a while since i’ve played.There is definetly something wrong here.Thats a reason i lose interest in competive online games rather quikly.They try to balance everything so much untill everything is unbalanced again.Everybody complains and the process starts all over again.So on and so forth it is impossible to get everything balanced since the variables,factors are too numerous.So i think at some point you have to stop making major changes.Meh…anything else i should know?


They did this to all deployables. People felt like they were fighting the deployables and not the Hunters.


Well, all deployables in the game are down to 3 (With the exception of Wasteland Maggie)- and tbh, Griff’s spikes are kinda buffed.
They cover a wider radius, and when the monster stages up, they automatically pin his location, whether he’s near a spike or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Griff doesn’t feel too bad to me, atleast…


He had a synergy with Val and Sunny.


Sems i missed that…i have to pay attention next time i play.So monster stage up and you get a hud icon?..I must be blind or too busy fighting albinos.


Basically, you know when a monster usually triggers a spike? You get the exact same icon popping up telling you his whereabouts when he stages up :slight_smile:


Aha…so it is the same icon…i see…well that is rather useful.Have to try it out when i get home.thx


Recap, every Hunter has three deployables. It wasn’t a nerf either it was a change, his radius was increased and so was his sneak detection plus he got an Evolve buff so no. Griffin was pretty largely buffed.

Also, what do you expect when you come back to a game after not playing for some time?

  • Just because there’s no one complaining about something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t warrant a change. Monsters were complaining about deployables since launch because of how hard it is to manage them so they reduced the number from five to three and buffed some aspects of each one.
    Just because no one complained about Griffin doesn’t mean that five sound spikes was a ridiculous amount for how much area they covered.

  • The range was never 120 meters. The max you could get is was 66 meters, now I believe it’s 77.

  • Nothing is wrong, the change made the game more fun and manageable for both sides. No longer do Monsters feel as though they’re caught in a spider’s web with harpoons or never escaping from stasis grenades or sound spikes etcetera etcetera. The game is better, nothing is “definitely wrong”.

  • This isn’t a “competitive online” game. It has competitive elements and casual elements. The game isn’t designed around one aspect or another but both, you should be happy it’s done this way as it’s semi-playable with pubs. However there are changes some people don’t like. Some changes are made in interest of pubs and some are made in the interest of competitive, a lot of people won’t like certain changes but it’s all made for the better.

  • Changing one thing (like deployables) doesn’t unbalance everything nor does it make people cry. Some people miss the five deployables, I have no clue why as the game was much more toxic and harder to manage but the fact is that the game is generally better with three and despite the outcry about it, balance-wise and “fun” wise, it is.

  • You say “stop making major changes” literally just before TU09 pops out where gigantic changes are made, no offence but if you’re scared of major changes… might wanna pop out for a bit then.

Depends on how long you’ve been gone.


Calm down.No offense but no need to disect every of my words like it was a corpse.As i said i haven’t played for awhile and with"something is wrong" i meant there are changes but i can’t point them all out since i can’t remember.Also i said it as an example for how balancing can go wrong not that it was the case here but it happens with online games.Seriously internet culture today.Everybody is so serious and lectures others.Pointing out their flaws,errors whatever.I’am too old for that nonsense.Enjoy your time buddy.

Thanks for your reply.


That’s him being calm, just don’t mention Slim to him.

Dissecting is what many peeple do, easier to reply to a specific part of your paragraph, post, and whatnot.

You kinda seemed to ask to get lectured when you asked what was wrong.

Besides, would you prefer it others lectured you, or if we were complete jerks? That’s the internet for ya.

I’d recommend searching up the patch notes, starting with the last update you remember.

Balanceing will always be wrong. There’ll be no 100% agreements on anything.

Although this game is finally heading towards Monster buffs.



There is difference between lecturing and informing someone.And saying i asked to be lectured sounds rather offensive to me.It is all a mather of perspective i guess.A simple and polite reply might have been enough,better.More people would visit game forums if they were less hostile.Although TRS forums rather tame.Beeing polite is not that difficult.But i’am not on the mood to argue about nonsense nor do i have the time.



Lol, this isn’t hostile.

Besides, we got AngryJoe to point fingers at.


You answered yourself.

Seems like it.

Abbreviation for manufacturing, what about it?

My previous reply was pretty simple, just check the previous parch notes to see the last update you remember, then move up from there.


Says the guy afraid of supports changing their CA…



MfG could be a German abbreviation meaning “best regards” (Mit freundlichen Grüßen --> MfG)


Fancy. Thanks.


I fear for the changes and what problems they may bring, doesn’t mean I’m against it if it is for the better.


You mean like turrets? Yeah, those fuckers definitely needed nerf. We can’t afford hunters having a chance against monster player with at least half brain, now can we.


Bucket’s turrets or Defend turrets? Defend’s needed it while Bucket still needs love after that. Bucket is the only Hunter I’ll say was legit nerfed badly by 3 deployables.


Defend’s turrets needed it? Seriously? No one wants to play defend anymore! It’s a fucking monster parade now!