What grinds your gears?


Seriously, what gets on your nerves?

For me, it’s console wars. I feel that it’s petty to show absurd amounts of devotion to what is basically a brand. Do you run windows as your os of choice on your computer? Do you only buy sony t.vs and dvd players? Then there’s the term PC master race. Which dictates that all races are inferior to one & those races must be culled. Maybe i’m not of blonde aryian decent, maybe I’m Jewish. It’s offensive especially considering it’s point of origin. Sometimes i just want to say… ‘‘Are you that socially stunted? Ignorant? Do you even know what you’re saying?’’

Also, nongaming related, I cant stand teeth grinding and people who move their hands when they talk. Sign language is my first language, so the constant hand gestures that mean absolutely nothing to you has meaning to me. Sometimes that meaning is obscene, weather you know it or not, and i promise you that your gestures dont mean anything at all related to what you’re actually saying. Stop it.

Erm./end Minor rant.


but…but pc master race peasantry doritos and mountain dew

all hail GabeN half life 3 confirmed


Soooo… you dont like doritos or soda?

This is why i say it grinds my gears. I bet i can name at least one pc gamer who does for every console gamer who doesnt.


I was just kidding. Just listing stereotypical things that pc gamers(pcmonsterrace) say about people who play on consoles I have nothing against consoles I have a friend who uses them.

Actually I don’t like soda or coffee or energy drinks I mostly drink water and milk don’t like doritos either I like All Dressed Ruffles chips.


Im trying to make light, promise.

I have more pc friends than console. One of my pc friends brought this on at any rate.

Ruffles drool


All dressed is the one true ruffles flavour all other flavours are just pretenders to the throne. Though I do like lightly salted every once in awhile.


I think im gonna go get a bag now… brb


My mother used to smuggle Canadian snacks to her american co workers. Things like ketchup salt and vinegar and all dressed chips and kinder eggs were the most popular. Though she did bring back tobacco for her friends who smoked cause of how much cheaper it was.


That consoles hinder the developement of high quality gems. As in no cross play, extensive periods to release patches and games getting made on console then getting ported to pc with the same menus and controls


Consoles establish competition in the gaming industry, which brings advancement towards games as a whole due to it’s larger playerbase. Wnich is why pc gets ‘paltry’ games.

It’s two sides of the same coin. Try an arguement that hasnt been debated to moot.

i’m back btw :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t say consoles hinder development I think they just encourage going with what works like AC or CoD or any other game they’ve made for the 6th time.

cross play between consoles or cross play between all gaming rigs?

I wouldn’t blame the ports on the consoles I’d blame em on lazy/apathetic developers or on the companies working developers too hard and not giving them enough time to work on the games.


You call it competition when call of duty 12 and nfl 2018 is released. I call it money grab.


Didja get dem all dressed chips?


While i dont approve the money earned allowed for games like ori and the blind forest to exist. For 1 genre to get overworked other genre’s get freash air to expand and feel ‘new’


don’t forget theres FAR more sales from consoles than on pc, if it was just pc, devs would be bankrupt cause face it, more pirates on pc


Got orgional. Cant complain still good stuff


All ruffles chips are good I just love me some All Dressed goodness.


Could you imagine no game industry at all?

The horror


Some people have been hacking PS4’s and electronic stores are selling 10 games for $100 in Brazil.


And valve is doing so bad,? Blizzard? Yeah companies like Activision or ea would be out of buisiness with pc only. Good riddance.

You just have to make proper quality and systems to get money. Maybe the gaming industry is to big as a whole. Every derp can make his game and most of it is either a copy of something else or just plain bad. I would like to see 20%of the existing games but in a good condition tbh.