What got you into Evolve? And how did you first hear about it?


It was Game Informer I believe. The magazine cover was all Black, had a red stripe across it with Goliath jumping. There was a really large article about it and what the company TRS was up too.

Below may of been it… It had rather in depth article. It was basically introducing it.

although my mind keeps wanting to remember an all black cover like I first described. I did a quick mockup minus detail in the goliath. But I could of Sworn the cover was almost all black.


My most viewed Evolve Clip on Plays.tv
Glacial Behemoth Team Wipe


I kept getting an ad for what I thought was a werewolf game and I always would skip it and then I finally decided to watch it and I was pumped


I got into the game after playing the Open Alpha. What really got me the most was when I played Parnell and activated his supersoldier ability, I thought that was so awesome.

Also the maps, Fusion Plant, Aviary and Distillery were so awesome to play in.


One morning I woke up butt naked with a controller in my hand, and just started playing Evolve


If that’s how you started playing Evolve, I’m curious to know how you winded up on the forums :wink:


I remember that GI issue. I went back to it soon after I decided to get Evolve.


I bet that’s one ad you were happy to watch afterwards.


That’s cool. I thought the Alpha only had the first two tiers.


Was it like The Hangover, only with Evolve instead of a tiger in the bathroom? :sweat_smile:


Jeez. You came into it late. Nothing like a good ass whipping to draw a crowd though.


When I was playing, I couldnt even use the 1234 setup correctly lol.


I’m not too sure anymore. I’m positive on Fusion Plant though.


This is interesting… I never thought that the title “Evolve” and the Paw Print motif might have had a hand in hurting marketing efforts for the game.


Well . . . I mostly took notice when TRS announced the Stage 2 overhaul. I then played almost 300 hours of it and then stopped because the queues were taking forever.

For a studio to throw such a massive makeover of a game they build from the ground up, it means that they truly believe in. And that could be seen from the way communication was handled in the forums. TRS are experts in forum management as well as asymmetrical gameplay and this is why I have stuck around, even though I do not play L4D or Evolve. It’s a pity that they had to depend on 2K for it (Ι am THIS close to bursting out all sorts of crap concerning 2K and its CEO).

Also, cooperative FPS based on Cthulhu is an awesome idea.


I became aware of Evolve through a Gamespot coverage (that no longer exists). I became interested in Evolve mostly due to the Monsters concept. When trailers began to go out, as I watched interviews and analyzed what was given to us in the coverage, my curiosity became interest.

When the game’s Alpha was released on Steam, I was one of the firsts waiting for it. It was the experience I had then that marked my love for the game. I decided I’d dedicate myself to it as much as I reasonably could.

The Beta experience was the strongest emotional experience I had in a game for long time. It inspired me to write the Monster Guide, that for some time was featured here in the forum, until I could no longer keep it updated.

I eagerly awaited for the game’s launch. I bought the Monster Race edition. Mostly because I loved it.
Then the game launched, but I realized things had changed. Not so much the gameplay, but the backend characteristics. The game didn’t ran smoothly on my computer anymore. It was choppy, crashed a lot, and internet issues that weren’t present before made the game virtually unplayable for a long time. They managed to worsen the game, in my experience. Then there were also the gameplay changes.

I kept my hopes up, but then I joined the army. I couldn’t play the game anymore. When I got back, the game was close to dead. I was, like many others, feeling it close to my heart.

Another spark of hope came to me when Evolve went free to play. I did feel some resentment for purchasing the “best” edition there was, not being able to play it, and then having the game go free to play, but at least it had players.

When I believed it was about to grow further and become what it was meant to be, 2K pulled it off. Their profitability test was terrible in my opinion, but this is not a thread for discussing that…

I still carry some hope that Evolve lives on in some way, but I unfortunately cannot play it.
This was how I became enthralled with the game, anyway. I still love it.


I grabbed a Game Informer and was sitting in the aisle of Winco back when I was like, 13. That’s where I first heard about it.


A large amount of people I had told about it had seen the cover art and just assumed it was some sort of dinosaur game. Turns out people my age aren’t that into dinosaurs.


The pure hunt of legacy where the monster can outwit the hunters and pounce, only for things to go wrong and forced to flee and rethink your strat.

I loved the premise and still do of 1v4 I never played well with others and the monster role was perfect ^.^


That is a bummer. It’s surprising that you still hold a love for this game… even after all that. Other people on Steam turned against Evolve at one point or another. Be it unable to keep up with the gameplay, balance changes, or not being able to run it.