What got you into Evolve? And how did you first hear about it?


Hah. The Nostalgia. I was discussing some of the shinangians I’ve dealt with in Legacy and Stage 2 with @GrizzleMarine the other day after discussing some other topics.

As far as how I got into Evolve:
I was sold when the first trailer was posted. I looked around for some gameplay footage, and immediately fell in love with the gameplay and the visuals. The rest is history.

I managed to snag a copy about a month after release due to some generous patronage from family members and played the ever living hell out of it to this day.

As far as me joining the forums here; I’ll be honest, I don’t bloody remember. I vaguely remember it being some sort of bug and I searched around, discovered it here and just lurked ever since. The community’s nice and the Devs have been damn helpful when it comes to information on programming and game design that I’ve needed.


Isn’t that how it always is? :heart_eyes:


I head about it via the gameinformer cover story, which was really cool with a lot of information about the T1 hunters and Goliath. Then I saw GhostRobo’s gameplay on YouTube and I was immediately sold. I didn’t have a PS4 at the time but you can bet I immediately bought one for Evolve :smiley_cat:


When I started watching Sleepy Hollow I watched it on the Xfinity website. There was this ad that kept playing and playing and it was for Evolve, I was more excited to watch Sleepy Hollow than watch an ad, so I kept skipping it

It was literally the only ad that was playing and I finally said “fuck it” I’ll watch this

As soon as I saw Goliath breathe fire and Kraken cast a lightning strike I fell in love

It was the only thing I talked about and I searched hard to learn everything I could about it. I learned about the forums and the Host that way.

TL;DR: I watched an Ad, obsessed about it and got the game


My first exposure to Evolve was when I decided to watch a YouTuber I liked that was streaming and he happened to be streaming Evolve in like the alpha or something in like August 2014. I didn’t really understand what was happening so I forgot about the game afterward but saw it again because of a little question thing GameStop had tweeted out to see what role you would be best at like a couple days before the games launch. Another youtuber I already liked started playing the game after launch and I started to understand it and love it and I was like yeah I need this game.


I bet it was.


It was INEVITABLE :kraken_stare:


Through YouTubers that you liked? Just like me.:+1:


And also through a random GameStop question thing and I remember when I finished it gave me assault lmao


Yeah, I know. I didn’t do the Gamestop Evolve question. You play Support but did you end up being good with Assault too?


It was a game with monsters in it. Being a huge giant monster fan, I was hooked instantly. I first heard about it in Walmart Gamecenter Magazine issue 26 (those free magazines you see in the gaming aisle. Most of the time they are with the video game guides).


Saw the first trailer (which I think was at E3) and was immediately interested and then got more and more interested as more info was released.


I saw a local article about the game before release and was already lube on hype up.However i can’t get my hand on the game when it first release and i have to use alternative method (*cough cough).However i participated in stage two for it short period amount of time.It was fun


I first saw Evolve in GhostRobo’s videos. Monsters vs Hunters with superb graphics.

That moment I said “Screw it, I’m jumping straight in.”


This trailer hooked me , i watched it then found some gameplay and was immediately in love. Evolve went with me throught most of my high school life.


I was first shown the first released trailer by my younger brother. I was actually not impressed or excited at this point as I didn’t really get what it was from that Happy Hunting Debut Trailer so thought it was nothing I’d be interested in.

My brother kept on telling me how epic it was gonna be and followed every post and info about Evolve. He then showed me the Kraken release trailer and I was freaking hooked:

After that I made “GrizzleMarine” and posted everything about the game till it ended.


It was around the time that Kraken was announced, nerdist were doing a lot of promos about it, which they dropped like a ton of bricks for some unknown reason around about launch. But their stuff got me interested, then it was the streams all the way to these forums.


So basically your entire youtube carer is thanks to me :smiley:


Saw a trailer on YT, got more and more interested as I learned more about the game. Became a dirty monster main, but never found the time to get out of bronze on ExBax.


This is a simple question I was drawn in because TRS made it simple as that. I heard about it from my wife she randomly told me one day in February 2015 that the people who made L4D made another game funny enough I was still playing L4D pretty often at this time so I bought a Xbox one and Evolve so you could say I bought my Xbox one to play this game.