What got you into Evolve? And how did you first hear about it?


For the 3 year anniversary of Evolve’s release, I wanted to post this question.

Now, before I heard of the DLC controversy or saw reviewers like Angry Joe get their asses handed to them by the game-play mechanics, I heard about Evolve through two YouTube gamer channels that I was a fan of. Still am a fan. Turtle Rock and 2K did what every studio should do to spread the word of their game: they advertised it by letting people play it firsthand.

  1. Instead of settling for a trailer or footage, people were able to play it firsthand at E3.
  2. For those that didn’t go to E3, like myself, Turtle Rock and 2K allowed YouTubers to record and upload their gameplay.

The two YouTube channels I’m talking about are Super Best Friends and Game Society Pimps. Here are the game-play videos I saw them in.
Enjoy. :+1:


I saw a few bits and bobs going around here and there on various sites, so I started reading into it.

Upon seeing this video:

I. Was. Fucking. Sold.


“I’m not sure if they got the drop on me…” he said as he is getting shot.
Good video. Ghost Robo always went back to this game for a long time. Even after development stopped.


I am pretty sure I saw a match or two during the Alpha, but what sold me on this game was the Wraith trailer. Loved her instantly.

Then I rarely ever played Monster after the Open Beta, because I would feel bad after beating newer Hunters.


You mean this one. She was called the Stalker for a while.


What got you into Evolve?

And how did you first hear about it?

A buddy of mine saw an interview with Phil interspersed with gameplay and thought I’d be interested.

Seeing the quality I immediately knew it’d never be on the 360, my heart sank that day…

Then I saw it was coming to the X1 and I went to purchase one that weekend so I’d be ready.

I’d never been so excited for a game in my life.


I discovered Evolve from a notification on Steam about its free weekend (September 2015), I tried to install it but I did not have the optic fiber, it took the whole night to download.
The next day, I got back from school and checked if the game has been downloaded, I then notice that the game was free only the weekend and not after.

So because I was kinda sad to not have tried it, I buy the game and play it. I play it and enjoy it but later discover the super bloom bug.

I search for Evolve forums to find help about that particular glitch…and that’s how I discovered the Turtle Rock Forums.
My username those days was Nathan06250 (but I changed it quickly because it was a dumb name).

I wasn’t as sociable as of today, but time went on and it helped me become more sociable IMO.

PS: I noticed from my old posts that there’s users on the forum that are “private” like @MajorLeeHyper. You can’t click on 'em to show informations.


I’m sorry. The what?


My bad, I didn’t check. It was the super bloom bug.

This for example was one of my first posts on this forum.


Wow, that’s trippy. :crazy_face: I had a similar visual glitch with the update that included the Gorgon. I recorded it but accidentally deleted the video when I changed my hard drive.


Yeah it is. When I had this bug, it was hurting my eyes so bad it made me blink for every frame. Search for this glitch on Youtube and you’ll get a headache.
Now that I can watch my old posts again, I notice Caira completely pixelated, the glitch was so messed up it turned people into pixelated frames lol. @ToiletWraith, you remember, right?


You may have to jog my memory…


I mean the thread, not the fact that Caira turned into big pixels.


I was already subscribed to ghostrobo and i think I already saw him do vids on it but I didn’t pay attention to them. I randomly looked at some of the vids then and just got into evolve from that point on.


I have always been here…




I saw this trailer in January or February of 2014 I think. Whenever it first came out. I was taking a dump at like 3 A.M. in the dark, and I was browsing youtube when this trailer came up. I was so damn hyped. I looked it up as soon as I was done. I got all my friends hyped about it. I convinced like 4 or 5 of them to buy the game with me. I pre-ordered the monster race edition as soon as it was up.

One of my buddies worked at gamestop at the time, he actually managed to get me one of the posters for the game with the OG October release date on it. Unfortunately, my friends were mistaken by the tragedy of marketing. It was not the game they envisioned from the trailer. Evolve was a technical slow burn with moments of unrivaled intensity. They were expecting Left For Dead.

One thing I regret, I never cultivated a solid group of folks to play with. I was a monster main, so it wasn’t too bad. I was spamming solo queue, which was fun of course, but it was harder to learn without a team there. Evolve is still one of my favorite games. I played around 600 hours, but I watched something like 2000 hours or more.

You could find me in many twitch chats making people puke. I’m the scum that rose to the top, if you will. TRS finally managed to flush me out of their plumbing, and back into the sewers, but I’m just waiting for the next opportunity to slither my way back into their ducts.


Damn, another anniversary. I had started a video edit right before Stage 2 came out, but I never got around to finishing it since I got hired about a month later.

I was hoping to have it done for today, but I totally failed lol

Anyway, I saw the Stalker trailer for Evolve and wanted it. Then I started watching the streams with DB and JParty until those ended.


I saw Evolve initially when the first 4v1 trailer was made.
The one with the initial 4 hunters and Goliath, had the 4 PoVs.

I got interested in the game around E3, when Kraken and tier 2 was revealed. That’s also around the time I joined these forums.


Time dude, it never stops. I remember I was going to learn editing by making an Evolve supercut set to music. Never happened
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