What Gorgon's Abilities Would be if there is Justice in the Evolve Game Universe

  • her abilities would remove hunter perks
  • an ability would slow/immobile a hunter
  • she’d have a beam ability that blocks hunters from moving towards a 180 degree invisible wall
  • an ability on recharge would allow her to move exceedingly fast without depleting her normal stamina reserves
  • a special ability would permanently drain life from a hunter, as if they were getting strikes, but in smaller increments
  • she could tag a hunter, who would be slowed and visible through terrain even without smelling
  • she could deploy an ability that runs completely automatically and removes half of a hunter health who fails to dodge it
  • she could deplete hunter jetpack fuel
  • she could instantly kill all hunters and win all games

No, my point is, when you introduce characters with abilities that break the game, like Jetpack Boost, you either admit that you fucked up and change/remove the abilitly (nuclear option) or you introduce a new character that counters the currently game breaking opponent abilities. Just go read Blizzard’s bit on why they tend not to change cards, but introduce new ones via expansions for how this works.

The implication of my list being that hunters:

  • have too much CC
  • Jack has an ability that creates a 180 degree wall which you cannot penetrate without exhausing significant stamina, and I’m not talking about in the dome
  • Val’s tranqs negate a perk, slow the monster (more CC) and highlight the monster better than 80% of the existing trappers
  • Caira’s and Sunny’s boost effectively shrinks the size of all maps making the 70 second dome cooldown an underwhelming change
  • Jack has a low-skill damage dealer that hits hard unless you can dodge it. Easy peasy when you have nothing on your mnid. Let’s see how hunters feel about it when they’re in combat. Oh, they already bitch incessantly about Wraith Decoy damage, an ability you “just have to dodge” so I have a pretty good idea how this ability will be received.


Seriously though, you can’t have completely generic Hunters that all do the same thing. There has to be variety. No one Hunter is too good it’s that when you pair them with others is when the real problem lies.

Monsters are static. They are given a set speed. A set damage value for each ability. A set number of points. A set amount of strategies they can employ.

Everything for Monsters is very static and set in stone. Adding more Monsters does not change how other Monsters play, it changes how Hunters play, however when a new Hunter is added, it changes how both Hunter AND Monster play.

I get it. It’s annoying having to constantly adapt to the Hunters but if you don’t adapt, you lose, you die, you start again, and you practice.

While I too would like to see a lot more variety and strategy added to Monsters (which is kind of what adaptions and new Monsters bring to the table) it’s nowhere near the amount of combos and ridiculous capabilities of some Hunter combinations.


Even as a Monster main, that sounds pretty OP. I’d still use it, of course, but OP.


I made a thread a long time ago about the same thing cause I feel the same way

I don’t really want to see this monster. But I would love if she had 1 or 2 abillities that hunters have which they say “nah, they’re fine, just do X” when it’s in a a hunter kit. But when the tables are turned, the hunter salt and OP threads will be legendary.


I actually had an idea for something like this… Kind of like she spits out a tiny parasite that allows her to see a hunter for a limited amount of time no matter where they are so long as they aren’t cloaked.


If the hunters were close enough for Ted to hit them with a parasite, even from range, then the smell ability should work easily without using an ability.

Hell, the monster should be able to see their names if they’re that close.

i think of one move that can instakill the hunter but have too long cd

there is several things they could do. Maybe she will have a inbuilt poison effect or something. Leach parasites would be neat. Like you hit a hunter with one and it drains health to restore yours slowly.

Gorgon gets to place special larvae across the map which can turn invisible and revive a killed monster with full health like nothing happened. Hunters can prevent this by sitting on the monster’s corpse until it decays and shoot wildly around in hopes of hitting the larvae. However sitting on the monsters corpse means they loose health at the rate of 5% health per second.

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yes too all of these!!! Monster should also get a minion that can shield them and has no cooldown.

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Why does everybody assume its female? I know the original gorgons were female but they had some feminine qualities.

I’m betting all my oreos that gorgon freeman will be able to immobilize or heavy cc the hunters

Sounds like decoy

laughs You know, it’s always amusing watching people who refuse to learn the matchup complain about Laz. The “tactic” you just described is the single worst thing you can do against a Laz comp.

I’ll gladly learn another one if you care to share it. So far I tend to keep close to my bait hoping to get Laz going for the revive. It does take him a mere moment to pick someone up though.

Yeah like he can be countered in a reasonable way on good teams.

He certainly can. Now more than ever, considering his unnecessary nerfing in the most recent patch. And, if Laz’s winrate in one of the more recent telemetry is anything to go by then we can all assume that Laz is only going to get nerfed again in the upcoming title update.

Not because he’s legitimately OP, but because Hunter players have actually largely learned how to play Laz, and work around him by now, and the majority of monster players are just complaining about it instead of learning the matchup.

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