What games scratch that Evolve itch? (If Any)


I find asymmetric games that require high levels of teamwork are my favorite games, but also fairly rare.

Just wondering what games out there you all like to play or have played that approximated Evolve’s experience.


Depth and Dead By Daylight give a similar vibe in terms of 4v1, but Depth is 4v2 and both are kind of reverse-Evolve style


try alien swarm real good and free


Well, aside from Dead By Daylight, I don’t really know any that are too Evolve like.

However, if you like Evolve’s monster designs and assymetrical gameplay, you should check out Monstrum. Single player only, however.


I hear DbD is really similar to Evolve

Think of it as the Evolve gamemode people want “Hide and Seek”


Left 4 Dead :slight_smile:


They’re not really similar to Evolve, but try Overwatch and Paragon (its free at the moment). They’re great team games abs a lot of fun.


As far as team play, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was excellent. That is another game that people gave up on before they understood how to play properly. So many people raging about ‘wall hacks’ when every class had a counter to it.

Gears of War: Judgement had probably the funnest asymmetric mp I have ever experienced. The game as a whole was very poorly received (GoW without down-but-not-out???), but Overrun mode was the diamond in the coal! I was very sad to hear that Overrun will not be returning in GoW 4. :frowning:


There is absolutely nothing even close to a game that can scratch the Evolve itch.


Luck is the name of the game.


Sadly they cancelled fable legends, would have destroyed evolve.

I was also looking forward to the bioware game that got cancelled as well.