What game to buy?


So I have enough game stop credit built up I can get a new game I have three thoughts : borderlands the handsome collection, witches 3, or saints re-elected. I have never played wit her before but it looks pretty good the other 2 I had on PS3 and loved but was thinking of moving them to the ps4


I would go for Witcher 3 personally, never played the first one but the second one was amazing. I’ve never really wanted to play any of the saints row games and I have already played the Borderlands games so for me Witcher 3 is an obvious choice.

I suppose with Borderlands the Handsome Collection you are getting 2 games for the price of one but it is up to you at the end of the day as to what you go for. :smile:


You can watch some streams, or videos of the game. And then try and decide what fits your playstyle more.


Handsome Collection if you love 1st person shooters, humor, and looting.

Witcher 3 if you love action / RPGs.

Saints Re-elected if you want a 3rd person shooter with a lot of humor.

Honestly, you’d probably get your money’s worth out of all three of them. I’d second the recommendation of looking at some videos to figure out which one you’d want to play more. (Or check out a demo if you can.)


Go with Witcher 3. 2K’s Borderlands will wait. :wink:


Listen to this guy!

Borderlands can wait. It’ll go on sale later on and the games are far from being unpopulated. Witcher 3 is brilliant.


I would get witcher 3


Get Project Cars!


Saints Row, it’s more fun and less pretending to be a serious game.


Witcher 3 or Killing Floor 2




I’m pretty sure he has Evolve. ^.-


Lol yeah I’ve had evolve since day 1. And I guess I’ll go with witches 3 since that seems to be the general suggestion and it’s something I havnt played at all yet.


I’m contemplating getting that myself.


well im unsure how witcher will be. but shadow of mordor was one of the best next gen games iv played still. that shud be cheaper now


State of Decay…It is AWESOME. Comes out on 28Apr.


I’d go for witcher 3 honestly, why pay for remastered material? You’ve already enjoyed it once before right?


Some people haven’t played SOD…I would recommend it for the first timers.
And its 33% or 30% off if you previously played it… So its only I believe $20.00! $40 or $60 for first timer though.


Yeah I have shadows of mordor and all dlc it’s awesome.


Kinda my thoughts I think I’ll get the handsome collection once it’s cheaper.