What game songs can people play on instruments?

A continuation of the instrument thread, I want to know who’s tried to play what. I’ve been able to play dragon roost, lost woods, and the great seas on baritone, I can play Luigi’s Mansion in marimba, and with a loooong list of piano songs, I’ve got the zombies theme from black ops, Freezeezy Peak, Treasure Trove Cove, Gruntilda’s Theme, hella Zelda, and some other things here and there

Also by the by I’m trying to learn more but I have no idea what to play. What should I learn? Was thinking the song from the evolve trailer

I can play the theme to Mario and Zelda on Euphonium. I think that’s all I know. If you’re playing on baritone I suggest checking out this website. If I have the sheet music I can play just about any game music.


I used to be able to play the Viridian Forest theme on the ukelele o.o
…A very basic version of it atleast…


I can play the Windwaker opening theme on guitar decently.

Not at this exact speed, but I can get pretty close! :smile_cat:

I’ve got more or less the entire Halo soundtrack down for piano; easily the most beautiful soundtrack for anything ever written.

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