What fresh hell(drone) is this?


Two shield drones… I think I just died.


Reasons why I hate sunny

People don’t understand me when I say she’s game breaking


Yeah that is a thing. I know how to do it and so does the devs and we are keeping it that way. The fewer that people know about it then the fewer possible sad face games.


For a second there I was very concerned.
the hell? They’re keeping the glitch abuse?!
I had to do a double take…
But yeah it sucks. I was on hunter side when I saw someone replicate that, even so, we lost, and I asked him “dude, did you just do the double-drone glitch?”
leaves party


Not sure it is the two Sunny’s shield drones bug…
There one Sunny’s drone and the other seems to be the Evacuation bonus drone from Broken Hill Mine. But yeah, I think it was really hard to fight against the two.

But if there wasn’t an Evacuation game, there is a bug.


I don’t play Evac, comes as news to me.


Isn’t that the evacuation drone?