What exactly is the purpose of the Support class?


I know the title of this post probably makes it sound like I’m trashing on Support, but I’m not, it actually seems like a really fun class to play. The thing is, I’m just not really quite sure what a Support’s role is. It’s pretty clear what the role of every other class is. Assault deals damage, Medic makes sure their team is alive and well, and Trapper locates and disables the monster. But it’s not really clear what a Support’s job is. I’ve heard varying things from different people. On the actual Evolve website it says that a Support “hits harder, escapes danger, and rains down death on the Monster.” During an interview with some of the devs, one of them said that a Support “keeps their team alive” or something to that affect. Does anyone know what the real purpose of the Support is?


This is just my opinion but it seems to me that “support” is more or less just a floating classification. That is that they support the role of another hunter. For instance to me Hank seems to support the assault in his job. He has the shield which he uses to block damage, and the orbital barrage which does lots of damage. If you look at Bucket, it seems to me he was designed to support the Trapper. He has the sentry guns which can help to corral the monster or guide his movement, and the uav to track him. So basically “support” is like a secondary assault/trapper. This leads me to believe the third support will support the medic in some way. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway hope that makes sense or helps you to understand it


I think it’s kind of the well rounded hybrid class that supports the team with cloaking field but also has the second highest damage weapons in the game. Meanwhile they have a few other unique things in their bag of tricks like the scouting vac or hank’s shield. I think support has the least defined role but I also think that’s ok.

The well rounded bag of tricks appeals to me


So far the two revealed Supports also both excel in creating a dangerous space for the monster to fight in.

Hank has the Orbital Barrage, which obviously will do a tonne of damage if the monster is caught in it. When that is used, three weaker warning shots are fired down first (which I think is so the monster knows it’s coming) and then the full strike comes.

Bucket has the Sentry Turrets, which also can do a tonne of damage since he’s gonna add 5 extra guns to the battlefield.

So yeah their role isn’t really that clear. I would say it’s just to support the team by using the abilities they have


Support literally supports the team. There are instances where support can deal damage but their main purpose is adding an extra level of Support of players in combat.

Consider – Hank’s shield projecting and personal cloaking (that can affect other players), Bucket’s ability to help Tracker with the UAV or set Sentry guns that distract the Monster.


Yeah even the actual class title of the Support kind of gives it a BIG clue as to what the he/she does in the game. xD


Well yeah, but you could say that every class supports the team in one way or another


Mmmmmmaybe, the only other one I can think of is the Medic who does support the team by healing them then yeah sure, but shall we rename the Medic to “Support” too? I mean I know they’re the medic of the team but while we’re ahead let’s change them to Support because they support the team! xD

The other classes, from what I’ve seen, are the Assault which is all about dealing out the highest damage to the Monsters. Looking at Markov and Hyde, they don’t really have anything in their loadouts that are supposedly able to support the rest of the team.

Then we have the Trappers, their roles are all about trapping the Monster. We have Maggie who DOES indeed have Daisy to revive people, but again, everybody can do that and is a major mechanic of the game. So that’s out of the question. Again with Griffin, nothing in his loadout that supports the team by a huge margin.

The Mobile Arena wouldn’t be much of a support device as it’s meant to trap the Monster so it won’t be able to get away. But there’s nothing in the two’s loadouts that either buff or defend the team in any way.


The sport is the defense and support of the team. His job is to minimalize their damage income.


And make a solid offense and defense


They’re the buffer/debuffer.


I didn’t read al of it but support suppose keep damage to a minimum but medic heals when there is too much.


The role of the support class is to support the team through utilities in specialized ways that are specific to each support character.

Their shared class ability to cloak allows you and your team to either sneak up on a monster, pick up an incapped ally under cover, or escape. Beyond that though, the equipment across each of the supports vary so much that their tactics are quite different.

Hank’s shield projector can increase the team’s durability in fights. The orbital barrage can do enough damage to the monster that it may affect their decisions and movement. The explosions can also ensue confusion and allow some cover for hunters.

Bucket’s UAV can track down the monster very quickly accelerating your teams pursuit during the hunt. The sentry turrets can provide some extra damage during a fight that can also affect a monster’s decisions and movement. Out of a fight they might serve as detectors around the map, should a monster decide to engage it. It is more likely to slow down the monster’s movement as they would want to sneak around turrets to not give away their position.

While you may find some equal but different relations among other class character’s equipment, support varies the most. They could play the largest affect on how a team decides to engage a monster, depending on how well they utilize the support character they choose.


Is it fair to say that they generally deal the second highest amount of damage after Assault? I can recall from the telemetry stats that even Hank dealt quite a bit of damage with his weapon alone. Given that he was also shielding, support seems to pack quite a punch.


I believe that @MacMan has said that the supports role is to minimalize the damage the team receives. Let’s start with the class ability cloak, monster can’t really hit what he can’t see, pretty obvious. Hank’s shield projector is another obvious example of protecting his team. His orbital barrage works as an area denial, meaning the monster would leave that area, meaning he’s not hitting your teammates. If not, he’s gonna regret it. Bucket was a bit more abstract in doing this. His turrets work similar to Hank’s orbital barrage in terms of area denial. Yeah the monster could stick around, but he’s going to take a heavy pounding from those turrets, not the best idea. If he attacks those turrets, then he’s not hurting your teammates is he? So in a way, he’s protecting the team from damage. And his UAV head? How does that protect your team from damage? Well, what’s going to hurt your team more, a level 1 monster, a level 2 monster, or a level 3 monster? If Bucket finds the monster fast, he can get you to the monster fast, which would PREVENT the heavier hitting attacks of a higher stage monster. Remember, if the monster isn’t hiding or fighting, he’s getting stronger. So to sum it up, the support is your defensive unit


Support seems like a hybrid that does a bit of everything. Protection, buffs, debuffs, and damage. They may not be the primary class for keeping the team alive (that’d be Medic) or doing damage (Assault), but they can contribute in all those ways to a lesser degree. Support seems like it’ll be really fun because of that versatility.


Support feels like the role that can make or break it for the hunters more than any class (except in a scenario where the monster is really putting the hurt on, in which case it’s the skills of the medic, no doubt). I’ll wait to play before making a final judgement, but it feels like trappers, assault and medics would be generally easier to play because of their more obvious routes to usefulness. I’m not going to be surprised if we see games lost because the support failed to utilise their abilities to their potential, and allowed Monsters to spend more time focusing on downing the medic/assault classes.


the same could be said for any of the classes. If the trapper doesn’t use his Dome correctly, it would likely end in disaster, or if the Assault missed his Shield. It all depends on the person on the support. Me, personally, I’m gonna be on the Medic. likely Val, unless I decide I really like the Tier 3 Medic.


Well all supports have damage one way or another but I would say that there job is to create synergy in the team. I feel like hank and Parnell have the most synergy in the game.

ignoring the cloak (doesn’t all supports have that) Buckets kit is basically damage and an ability which belongs on a trapper.

sorry bucket


In my experience Support really fills in the gaps for the team, adding whatever element is needed for the team at a given moment. Some are obviously more geared to certain things over others: Bucket provides additional tracking and scouting, Hank provides additional survivability and firepower, etc.