What everyone think about current Gorgon and Kelder?


TL;DR : I feel Gorgon and Kelder are a bit overbuff, what is your opinion

Too long; pls read : Let me introduce current state of Evolve player in my country first.
Only few ppl in my country still playing this game, it take atleast 1+ hour find some one ‘Quick Play’ match. So we decide to make our small community and play custom match together everyday.
The result is im gonna fight with the same 4-8 people everyday and some newbie that think Wraith is god, with my decoy no one can find me MU HAHAHAHAHAHahahahaha… but atleast its better than wait for one or two hour to slaughter bronze hunter in 6 minute match.
So I dont know what other ppl think about Gorgon and Kelder in this current patch and im rarely fight those two monster as a hunter cuz im the only one who know how to play those two monster in my group (other ppl always pick Goliath or Bob, and newbie always pick Wraith)

So I wanna ask how everyone feel about this two monster in current patch.

Let me share my opinion first
Gorgon: she deserve buff but IMO, this patch is a bit over buff her but not OP. Developer has shorten her 10 sec damage potential into 3 seconds. Ok, now she has reliable damage but in my opinion it’s to bursty.
Web Snare is good cuz other skill get buff so remove jetpack slow is acceptable
Acid Spit is Fire Breath 2.0 in my opinion, I understand that TRS want to make this skill is viable and not too strong for low skill hunters. But as I said… you just shorten her full 10 seconds damage potential into 3 seconds.
Spider Trap new concept is good but speed is crazy. IMO, it maybe too hard to destroy it if no Markov,Parnell or Sunny in team. New ST damage is too burst, with this current speed I think it should deals less initial damage.
Mimic is great except bug… I hope this will fix on next patch.
IMO, now Gorgon concept is not stacking the DoT anymore. WS and Mimic doing great job for this concept but AS and ST is not. If TRS wish to keep this Gorgon concept, maybe those two skill should be adjust or rework.
AS may create huge one poison pool with 6/7/8m AoE, deals 88/92/96 DoT for 4 seconds once hunter touch it (like Mimic’s acid burn) and deals another 88/92/96 dps if hunter still in the acid pool radius, but the main purpose of this skill is to deny an area not just keep clam and spit it on hunter head like this current version. Is damage too high?, if you stay in the pool for full duration it just deals almost same damage like current AS, and just spam jump button for survive if your jetpack is run out.
Still no idea for ST but I think it should deals less initial damage if developer want it to run at 12m/s speed.

Kelder… Fxxking AoE machine, his damage is acceptable but AoE is not. It is almost impossible to dodge Lighting Strike.
Banshee Missile and Death Spiral is consume too much jetpack to dodge it.
Overall I think TRS is overbuff him and I feel he’s a bit OP but not on Kraken level. Im glad that TRS gonna adjust his skill on 8.1a patch.

But as I said… im play with only small group of ppl. Im lack online match experienced, now I just want to know how other ppl in this community think about this two monster, let share our opinion =)


Gorgon’s problem before the patch was complete LACK of burst damage. I personally feel she’s on a decent level, if a tad stronger than necessary. I’d tone down AS damage by maybe 10% and that’s it.

The one thing people don’t point out is that she also received nerfs along with the buffs, namely the utility of her kit. Spider Trap is now all burst, which is all fine and good, except it was a massive help when it worked, and made her life considerably easier when used as a tool instead of damage. Web Snare now no longer slows JP, which makes Sunny a much stronger pick than she already was. Melee was taken down a notch. Pouncing was nerfed. Honestly, I’d say she nearly Broke even with the nerfs/buffs ratio, but the slight Hunter nerfs make it seem tons bigger.

EK is a touchy subject because the community can’t decide what they think. Lots of people cry OP, but I LOVE his current state. Playing and facing. He’s got enough damage to compete with Kraken, but his abilities aren’t as rage-inducing. All of his abilities can be dodged, though they execute fairly quickly and a number of people have trouble doing so. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He’s still a bit slow when chased, though.

I really wish they could have found a balance between old and new for Gorgon. Keep her utility, but also give her damage enough to survive and win at a balanced level.

Both of them are getting damage nerfs in the upcoming MP, though.


Gorgon is fine. Kelder is the exact thing like Kraken. What that thing is I leave to everyone’s judgement.


When I play Gorgon with my group.
Hunters player told me that she’s OP, her damage output is too high.

So im not sure that is she really OP? or my group is get used to fight the old punching bag monster and cant adjust to new Gorgon.


My opinion is that Kelder didn’t need radius buffs. He only needed mobility buffs, now that he has that and is easier to land everything, he is OP as piss.


I’ve only played as the monsters since the patch so I don’t know how they feel as a hunter, but playing monster they feel much better than they were.

Gorgon definitely has more burst than before and the improvement of decoy is welcome.

Kelder actually seems to be less of a struggle. He had potential before but it was difficult to apply that potential. He seems much more easy than he was but still retains his play style. I like


Obviously they are op all monsters are op! we need to nerf em all to the ground!! make them do the damage of a stick hitting the hunters!

anyways I haven’t played much of the patch I played gorgon and she feels balanced to me as I almost died even tho I was getting strikes or maybe I just suck hmmm note to self look into seeing if I suck


Gorgon has a horrific bug where mimic will glitch out and completely become immobile. Spider Trap is on the side of OP but it’s bareable.

Kelder is op. People can disagree, but it is way too easy to shotgun his abilities and down a Hunter. There is no dodge factor if Kekder is on your back. He did not need this many buffs. He only needed traversal and CL buffed, not any other abilities.


Yrah the radius wasnt needed but for chain and lighting blast seemed like they needed it. Though they finally fixed death spiral which is a plus :+1:


Gorgon, Kelder and Kraken are these Monsters why a lot of people on PS4 quitted the game after the patch. Me as well…


Gorgon seems ok. Compared to pre-patch she’s defiantly a monster that needs to be treated seriously. But I haven’t had too much trouble beating them. About 3/4 of my games against Gorgon (with a pre-made) have gone in our favour.

To be honest her play-style changed completely after that patch. In order to beat a good team before you had to wall-pounce as much as possible, but now you can rely on your abilities to down a hunter. I can imagine that being less annoying then being perma-pounced.

If I had to change/nerf her then I’d probably adjust the Web Snare to 3 seconds and Spider Trap to 5 seconds max. I think some of people’s problems are coming from how quickly she can spew out all abilities combined with the stacking DoTs so a slightly slower damage output could even out her fast cast time.


I find them balanced, at least on console.


It’s funny how people still call the original Kraken OP.

But you know what let’s remove all monsters and leave Goliath left, if even that is enough - his rock throw, undodgable leap smash and “too fast” charge are still OP I’ve heard :confused:


Thanks everyone for your opinion.
It seem Gorgon is balanced but Kelder is a bit OP for most people in this community

But my group isnt think that way =(
Now my group ban me from playing Gorgon, Kelder and Kraken.
Wraith is now only monster that viable for them when Im a monster (I dont like to play Goliath and Bob), and the best part is they still picking Sunny, Hyde , Mad Mag and R.Val/Val (but in the end im still win -.-)

Ah… I hope I can play rank like ppl in the US, but too bad this game is almost dead in SEA


Kelder is pretty OP I don’t play him much because people get mad. However, I usually get a stage 1 win whenever I play him against anyone under silver expert.


Gorgon will be fine until people learn how to use her skills while moving, especially while traversing. Thanks to WS+AS she is the one monster that can put out massive damage fast without getting locked in a long animation.

Kelder has always been like that, he just had no running game. In fact Kelder is the Kraken that should have been as I still like fighting him way more than Kraken. Please reduce the speed even more so the mine+heavy combo happens at the exact same time.


I agree with you, it’s just I’m leaning a little more towards Kelder being OP. But that’s just how I feel :confused: