What environments do you want to see?


At this point we know that there are a number of different environments on the planet of Shear. What environments would you like to see?
I for one would like a map wher the sunlight is so strong that it must be avoided to stay safe. You could fill it critters that have plated mirror - like skin or even carapace covered insects that tower above you (or maybe the monster too)


I want a human town. with the citizens fled but the livestock remain. making stage 3 immenent but the objective gets manable cannons or some extra defenses to help the big showdown. or you can just hunt the monster too.


I’d love to see a map that has some sort of element of lava in it ;). Maybe it could be near a geothermal powerplant


Then a mountain or “air” map would be kool. but it wud be sad if the game ended because the monster fell off…but it could have alot of flying wildlife and maybe a huge dragon that can only be pushed away but never really killed.


Good ideas, what about weather effects, rain washing away the monster’s footprint s


I would like to see a small town map or colony area, where the Monsters can climb onto different buildings and stores, it would have to be pretty beaten up or run down though! Unless the story behind the map is the Hunters are defending the town from the Monster? :smiley:


I’d post a photo of some more concept arts I’ve found but I feel like Turtle Rock might be mad at me lol


I think you already did that anyway, right? Or have you actually found more, you sly dog? :laughing:


What if the monster is actually preying on civilians in a colony, providing a new objective for the hunters?

Or a facility type map where you are introduced as a stealth monster with the ability to climb on walls and stuff since its all indoors?


I may have found a few more :stuck_out_tongue:


The issue with weather effects is coming up with ones that are more interesting than just “reduce visibility/remove footprints.”

A volcanic map could have an earthquake effect that causes the players’ screen to shake while the wildlife runs in terror.

A swamp or marsh map could re-use the fog effect from The Dam. They could also include flooding. The map has a lot of pools in it, but they’re not quite full. When the flooding occurs they get bigger, covering up footprints near the water’s edge, giving the monster some deeper water it could hide in, or even allowing any tyrants lurking in the depths more room to move around.

If they wanted to do a desert map that was more open, with some areas of rolling dunes, a sandstorm effect could be cool. Have it really reduce visibility, and then the howling winds can also push the monster or hunters slightly off course when they’re moving, with the effect being more pronounced if they’re in the air. Imagine flying around on your jetpack, then the sandstorm hits. When it ends, you’re not immediately sure where you are. Of course, the monster’s smell ability isn’t effected…

I’d also like to see more natural hazards like the man-eating plants. Obviously those things won’t make sense for a snow environment or something, but what other trap-like elements could show up in different terrains?


Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a monster that turned invisible and when it rained you see little water droplets of water floating on the invisible body.


How about instead of basic environments we have environmental effects? (Excluding the ones already put in) like Lightning for the rain which would cause wildlife near the landing point into panic, Hail, but for shear’s deadly case… Massive hail. And better yet, meteor showers!

Little event’s that can happen at any time during the game or a weather effect that can really add effect and turn a game.


I mentioned this in a previous thread, but I suspect they’ll avoid environmental effects that cause damage. Hunter players can appreciate damage from wildlife or the monster, because that’s stuff they can evade or fight. Just getting randomly obliterated by a stray meter you didn’t see coming would feel cheap, and it would screw with the game’s balance.

So, I’m betting the weather effects will have a more indirect impact on a match.


i put this in the map idea forums but would be good here too
How about insted of underwater you do a Island where the boundaries is set at the ocean and whether monster or hunter if you go into the ocean a whale size shark breed alien eats you so you got one side that is a cliff and is not the place to be caught as a hunter for you can be thrown off but as the monster got to be really careful if you leap off or jump wrong well hunters win it could have caves even leading into grottoes where baby shark alien (aliarks?) wait like tyrants and could also feature other beast a huge bird breed for instance or the famous jabberwocky 8) maybe even do a volcano with lava going down one side where a boost giving beast lives. so forest nice sea breeze maybe a spaceship sticking out of the water (ahem pandorum with a achievement What about the Eden? if you star at it for 15sec or something.) and cave networks with a volcano i mean what more could you want from a lvl.
and as to the environment you would have both rain and littile rocks from the volcano that do no dam but has a knock bad on hunters and stun on monster


I personally would like to see a jungle environment similar to the one in King Kong or the first Uncharted game. A snowy mountain map like the Himalayas would be fun as well.


What I would like to see is an area which includes a spaceship similar to something like the Nostromo from the original Alien film. Now that would be awesome and would fit in the game perfectly. Only problem I can think of is that the hunters could box in the monster easily in cramped hallways there, but that can work the otherway around as well!

Tell me what you think about it.


It sounds cool but I imagine if you made it to be like Alien it would be kinda unfair for the monster. There’d be no room for it to move about and hide


Adding into this, how about instead of a “Ship” it’s a… Let’s say a space station! One used as a cargo relay so it has MASSIVE rooms and hallways!

That’d fit really nicely and keep your original idea


If I was a betting man, I’d put money one the guess that the next map will be element-orientated