What elite skins do you have?


These are the current elite skins i have:


So as the title asks, what elite skins do you have?


Goliath, Crow, Griffin, Cabot, Laz, Val, Caira, Hyde, Markov.


As of this moment I have Maggie + Daisy and the Goliath (got his last night).

I’m currently working on the other three Monsters, and am closer to Eliting Hyde over the remaining 15 Hunters, but I would like to Elite Crow + Gobi and a Medic next as far as the Hunters go.


sobs I have no elite skins… I’m such a NOOB ><

I have like… 80 more rockets to go on Bucket for his though… Super easy… just time consuming.


Im more of a main medic, i have the 3rd tier to do for Val and Slim but i would also love to elite some trappers, with the current group i play with its kinda assigned roles for us haha we play the same role every match to ensure we win, we dont like getting out of our comfort zones.


The only ones I haven’t got are the monsters as well as, bucket, sunny, and slim (hate that second star mastery)


:cabot_cute: :caira_cute: :hank_cute: :bucket_cute: :val_cute::markov_cute::kraken_stare::wraith:


all of them


Lol, nice. I was thinking about either Lazarus or Slim being my first Elite Medic. Val will probably follow those two and Caira I’ll Elite last.


Markov, Caira, Cabot, Crow, and Hyde.

In that order.

At the moment, I’m getting everyone to the 3rd Mastery, so I can knock them out a lot quicker.


Val is definitely the hardest out of all the medics, for me at least. those tranq darts :sob:


I would recommend Lazarus he was my first elite.



Close with Parnell, Hyde, and Griffin

Honestly not even going to try for Slim
His masteries are too insane for me

One I still can’t figure out is Hank’s third star mastery for the shield protector
Prevent like 17 teammates from getting incapped
I have shielded so many guys on the verge of death while they are taking a beating and still not getting any points towards it
Must be doing something wrong


you can get it easy if your teammate stands in a reaver pack
before hes about to die start shielding


Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m gonna be playing him more anyway once i get that Pheonix skin of his :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have noticed that as well, some mastery and just progression challenges in general dont seem to count, im mainly referring to slims spore cloud launcher, hanks shield, and vals medgun. to my knowledge you have to shield someone enough to where the shield takes more damage then the hunter your protecting has health. for instance if the hunter has 100 health you would have to shield 101+ damage from the monster.

weird i know

i believe it may be bugged, i would love to say that it is because sometimes ill shield close to 5 hunters from that in a match and ill end up with 0.


Well I’m more of a ‘play to have an enjoyable match’ rather than a ‘play to grind’ sort of player (not that there’s anything wrong with people who like the grind, I just feel like I get enough of that at work :wink: ) so my masteries are few and far between; that being said, I’m a proud owner of an Abe, Caira, and Hank the Tank mastery :smile:


Val, Caira, Laz, Bucket, almost Slim (just gotta farm spore cloud when I can play Monday), working on the third tier of Crow. I was almost finished with Kraken, but then Behemoth came out and I realized Kraken is kinda cheese in the current meta.


Slim, Lazerus, Caira, Val, Abe, Griffin, Maggie, Crow, Hyde, Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith


All of them :smile:


bucket hank cabot
parnell marov
val abe