What element is still missing?

In Evolve we obviously have our elements. Monster: Goliath-flame, Kraken-Lightening, and if I’m correct Wraith-Void. For the hunters its: Markov-Lightening, Bucket-machine, Lazarus-ghost, and ECT.

But the question is what other attributes /elements will be shown in the possible next tier of hunters/monster?
Here are a few: Suport that can deploy energy shields down
Trapper whose offensive is poison based
Medic with healing stations that are destroyable

If you have an idea go ahead and share your ideas

Acid, water, earth, speed, wind, poison, thorns, sound and etc.i can imagine all these just being monster elements tho

Acid Thorns and maybe sound would be great!

A norwegian whaler that took back the harpoon gun Griffin stole from him.
@Matthew I still can’t understand why you would give a space australien a harpoon gun!
Griffin is still my favorite character, but I have to say you missed a huge opportunity.

They would be overpowered as fuck I can tell you that much lol

Vortex is more wind-element than anything else imho

I feel like people are wanting a pokedex now…


Earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. With those powers combined… ehem… so yeah definitely needs to be a heart monster! And water, of course!

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ice spider

vine spider

butterfly beetle

I want a time Lord damnit.

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Sound would be cool, and…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Isn’t Behemoth considered earth?

If it has an element, I would assume it was molten lava. Everything from his attacks to his skin confirms that.

But…Rock wall and fissure😢

RPG’s have destroyed the definition of ‘element.’

I mean…I understand ‘ice’ ‘fire’ ‘lightening’ in a gaming sense.

But machine? ghost?

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Rock Wall is literally a forced tectonic shift, done from the plates moving due to increased pressure below. Fissure is also a line of crackling ground mixed with fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ghost in the Machine type!

ooooh a monster with sonic powers! stuff having to do with sound and vibrations! could have like a sonic boom ability, and pushbacks.Maybe the monster could have traps similar to abes grenades, lay down spots of different air pressure or sound virbations that could trap the hunters.

Or maybe a Trapper or Support that had a gun that fired a cone of sound or vibrations that could slow the monster. Would have to work different from abe’s grenades and the harpoon gun.

This is a minor gripe, but I don´t like the idea of neatly boxing things according to the standard fantasy settings, of having the usual classes and elementals, though the game has elements comparable to fantasy things, people calling Kraken a mage etc, and that is fine, comparing is perfectly okay, I still feel that the devs shouldn´t limit their vision to what is the normal way of creating variety, they already have many interesting biological concepts, and they could develop those to create a unique game, rather than a skin job of a standard fantasy RPG.

Just think of cool ideas, no need to think “Does it fit with the fantasy/class/race/elemental category we defined for it?”.