What Each Hunter Is Good At And Why


Alright, so I’ve been wanting to write sort of an article on this for a while now; about which hunters are the strongest in certain situations which comps are the best and why some hunters excel at some things and are mediocre and in some cases awful at others. So without further introduction, I’m gonna start with the class I’ve played the most throughout my 100+ hours of play from the Big Alpha and the Beta, the Medics.


Val: Skill Level 7/10
The combat medic, an experienced long range fighter that sits at the back of the team to take potshots and put holes in the monster’s armor, keeping it tranq’d and allowing the team to fight it freely.
-Plus: Val is able to constantly heal her team mates with the med-gun in a scrap with the monster, allowing her the prevent death in a handful of situations and top your team off between fights and encounters with rare wildlife/monsters. The tranquilizer gun is another huge bonus to Val’s kit. This gun allows her t keep the monster slowed and distanced from her team while they deal out heavy damage.
-Minus: Val’s Sniper is incredibly slow to fire and to a relatively untrained player, can be unwieldy at times. The lines in the scope do not offer for a very clear view of your surroundings or even where you’re looking directly at. As powerful as the med-gun is as well, it cannot heal through even a level 1 Goliath’s Leap Smash or Charge abilities making it very weak in battle compared to the kits of the other medics.

Lazarus: Skill Level 6/10
The Resurrection Medic, a quick and nimble medic who allows the team to deal huge amounts of damage to the monster due to the Silenced Sniper Rifle. The Lazarus Device offers a huge boost to a team, being able to bring them back from the dead at no cost, and no down penalties.
-Plus: Lazarus is a high-value medic to have if you know someone who excels with him. A good Lazarus player can distinguish the right time to use cloak, run in and revive your fallen team mates. The Silenced Sniper Rifle offers a great deal of extra damage to the monster and has much clearer sights than Val’s, making it less of a hassle to put hundreds of holes in the monster’s armor. Lazarus’s cloak ability also allows him to get away in those no-hope ‘we’re all dead’ situations that happen quite often in pubs.
-Minus: Lazarus while his skill-cap isn’t that high on his own, your team really needs to know how to pull the fight away from a downed team member. You are heavily reliant on your team to be able to deny the area that your teammate died in with mines, orbitals, gas grenades, whatever. Not having the tranq gun like val is another huge disadvantage if you’re playing with a trapper running Abe. As of last play, the grenades and the Tranq gun do stack, so in quick fights or even long hauls controlling T3’s, not having the gun is a huge disadvantage.

Caira: Skill Level: 8/10
The Healing Medic, and I know what you’re thinking, yes that sounds absurd the other two heal as well. Compared to Caira’s healing grenades, the other two medics do not heal nearly as much as she does. She is kitted out with incendiary round and healing grenades from her grenade launcher, making the her only medic that can heal herself in and out of combat outside of healing burst.
-Plus: Caira’s healing grenades are a huge deal. These things are insane they allow you to absolutely deny the monster from getting down penalties on your team mates if you can aim them properly. If you team decides to stack up at any point in combat and you can take advantage of it, they can all be topped in the time it takes you to empty your clip. The speed boost also allows you to absolutely make it easier to track down and chase monsters in dire straits making it wonderful for any team trying to keep up with a Wraith or a fast Goliath.
-Minus: As I’ve mentioned before, not having the tranq gun is a huge deal. Caira’s incendiary grenades feel relatively weak compared to Val’s Sniper Rifle as well, and the speed boost; while good, has a cool down period that makes it very hard to know when to pop it off either during or after a fight.

That is all I have time for tonight, unfortunately. I will be updating this post so on and so-forth probably about once a day until I’ve covered the pluses and minuses of each hunter specifically. Thanks for reading <3


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