What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger (Scary/Clown images. Caution.)

Nope. I think at that point his head would’ve still be smashed, but if the guy was resisting then yes. I would tackle the clown and take the hammer and… well, umm… I’ll just take it.

I love that video! :heart:

I would go up and shake his hand :blush:

He was doing what was expected of him. We have had complaints from the community about some of those pictures.

Don’t repeat the same thing here.


Pennywise ftw

Why was the bored thread closed?

@Trick started it! :laughing:

I just feed the fire… :smirk:

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Lmao did you see that last baby picture?

I know :frowning: it even had a warning as set up by the hooved one we call Cow!

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Yeah… But how was that worse then the others?

Cow for president.

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I did indeed! His eye balls looked like grapes :laughing:

Apparently someone complained that it looked like a “mutilated baby”

Hahaha WAT? Oh lord.

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They were referring to the one with mouths photshopped over. To be honest, that person was just being ignorant.


I see… Some of the complaints I hear these days…

Yeah. It’s just annoying.

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Above all else this forum belongs to Turtle Rock and is a reflection of their community. Images like the infant picture really have no place here

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Goliath is good at everything he does. ^.^

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