What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger (Scary/Clown images. Caution.)


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I miss that other thread already…

And where’s the scary clowns? sighs I wanted to be scared to the point where I can’t sleep.

There are plenty of places on the internet for that.

So do I :frowning:

I’m the only contributor here :sweat:

I’ve got my eye veeeeery closely on this thread, just letting you know.

Carry on! :smile:

I know, but I want to see how people define ‘scary’ in their own terms.

I like that one just because he looks nice. :slight_smile:

The truely scary ones are too gory or too twisted to belong here :wink:

Me and a couple of friends were behind the Northampton Clown, became natiowide news in England. We were talked about on French radio, German news sites and some tourists from America even flew over to the UK to uncover the clown’s identity which was eventually spoiled by the newspapers.

I know. The mods are already keeping an eye on this thread, so its better to not get in trouble.

It’s a joke… No one was killed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I remember watching that video. If I was one of those guys I think I would just cry in front of the clown, just standing.

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You wouldn’t try and save the man getting his head smashed in?

Haha those pranks are awesome, especially when he pours water from a gasoline tank on a car and the guy… Well watch it if you havent

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**Ḩ̷̛̟̭̠͛̆́į̸̧̹̤̃̿́̈́ ̸̹̥̱͛̅̎̍ͅK̸̪̪̙͍͛̔̈̈́i̸̺̅̍̊̚d̵̺͖̹̟̑̊́̀S̴͓̪̜͇̓̄̑͠**


I HABE ARRIVED! (Very angry at Mountain -.-) Let thar be clownz! (And puppies, god I love them :heart_eyes:)