What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger (Scary/Clown images. Caution.)


@Nightmare297 So it begins…

The meaning of this thread is to get strange!


Oh god. Another one? @TheMountainThatRoars just closed one. Be careful with these, alright? You’re making people uneasy. And disturbed, in some cases. We have received complaints about similar threads.


Hahah really? It doesn’t break any rules :grin:


Regardless, people found the menagerie of pictures to be disturbing. Some extremely so. So be careful.



Aww, I would link some Deadpool scenes. ^.^


Awh, I wish the same opinion applied to all the nerf this nerf that, whine over that and this threads :frowning:


Sadly not. :confused: We have to wade through those every day.


This can also be a clown thread, cause clowns are awesome.

Exhibit A:


I edited the subject.
Keep this thread tame, please.


We’ve got Rose on the scene. ^.^

We’re alright.


Tame is an illusion such as the word perfect, who can judge what’s perfect and what’s tame? The illusion of a word being a general opinion thou we all glance with our own perspective which differs more from one and another.



Added “caution.” Can never be too sure, wouldn’t want somebody afraid of clowns wandering in here.




I would like that, but I can’t. ~sniffles~


I know the feeling. Just bear it. You’ll have likes again soon.


This will shear you up @Shin @MidnightRoses


Is it bad, that I find that cute? -.-


Haha ikr!