WHat does the spotter's cry sound like?


I cant here it, where is it?


I think it’s that long whistle like sound.


Like an eagle’s screech?


Yea that one. I think. Haven’t really been observant ingame myself so maybe someone better could come and leave their 2c.


7 seconds in and at 21 seconds. Makes a screeching sound and runs off. Can hear it from really far away (150m) if the hunters are in a quiet area.

EDIT - The sound the spotter makes at 19 seconds happens a lot. They do it randomly. Try not to confuse that sound with the high screeching sound.

99% sure they only screech at the monster and not at Tyrant / Sloth / other wildlife.


Isn’t it adorable? Makes you want to keep one in your house, so he can scream and wake up the neighbors.


the one on 7 seconds. the highpitched cry

if a monster doesnt care about them then its pretty easy to find him with those spotters


It sounds like a moose/deer tbh.