What does the ping in pause menu represent?


TL;DR version:

Does it represent the ping between each player to the server, or is it just the ping between my computer and all the other players in game?

Ramblings/other info version:

I play on my PC sometimes which is connected by ethernet cable to my GF’s computer, which is connected through WiFi.
I know what you are thinking, but actually it’s really freaking fast.

She is using wireless AC, gets about 170-200 Mbps through the wifi, my computer gets this using the shared connection:

Usually my ping is crazy low, even through the shared connection, in game I rarely see above 30-50 ms.
I just had a match though where everyone (Including myself) had pings well over 200 ms and spiking over 400. It wasn’t really playable for monster, the hunters seemed to have a better time. With beam team there was no hope of getting a down when rock throw/leap smash were essentially useless, only reliable damage was fire breath.

I’m not complaining, stuff happens and it wasn’t ranked anyways, I’m just curious if this was a server issue, or if my connection temporarily decided to be weird.


I believe it is the ping between each player and the server they are connected to. I could be wrong though so it’s worth waiting for another response just to be sure. :smile:


Exactly that.


@Jordan_Tomlin, I see you are on PC like me, next time it happens go check each of the other player`s profile and see where they are from.

Let’s say you are from EU and your opponents were all from Asia, that might explain why.


So a player hosts the gave for the other 4 players. The ping is from each player to player who’s hosting. The player with the lowest ping is usually the host.

The reason behind high ping is:

  • host is in a far away country, like a host in Japan when everyone else is from USA.
  • host has bad internet
  • weather causing bad signal strength = bad WiFi/connection.

So just because you have lightning fast internet does not mean you will always stay under 50 because of the factors listed above.

The reason behind having a player host online games is so TRS/Steam doesn’t waste money on servers when only 5 players are on a server.

But it does suck when you get matched with overseas players and have high ping. If it is too bothersome, back out and find a new lobby.


I’m sure you understand this topic more but I’m pretty sure nobody hosts on ranked. The server closest to the monster hosts.


Last i knew they had their servers hosted through Amazon. As do many many company’s.
But region definitely effects pings. So u were probably playing on an Eu server. As a monster I know your pain. Hunters can adapt/adjust.