What does the future hold for Evolve?


Hi All,

I’m a new Evolve player and a member of this Forum. I have been playing the game for three days now and even though I am still having fun I cannot but notice that content-wise I am slowly hitting the bottom. What I mean is that apart from a few maps, three vs twelve playable characters and a few game modes there isn’t much left for me to do. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy every minute spent on Shear and I haven’t even tried other monsters apart from the Goliath but I’m worried that the grind will soon become too boring to bare. Yes, we get new unlocks every level (and there are many levels :slight_smile: ) but the overall experience and tasks provided remain the same. And that is a bit worrying…

I know there will be new monsters and hunters added with time but is this going to be all? I mean, the amount of work the developers put in creating this world clearly is enormous. The flora, fauna, the dependencies between species and the stories that we hear playing Evacuation mode are very deep and well constructed but the separate matches that they are for us may have very well been parts of a larger experience. A single player? Well, not necessarily (although I’d love Evolve to have a story driving a young monster through the jungle or a newbie hunter gaining experience and trust). I was more thinking of a war-like Campaign that would last a few days or longer in real life and could consist of many battles between the monsters and the hunters. “Heroes and Generals”, a game about WWII is doing this pretty well housing a world wide conflict every few weeks where the Nazis are fighting the Allies through matches similar to those in Evolve. Such game would also have to allow creation of “clans” for the stranded Hunters that were left on Shear after the Evacuation and “packs” for the monsters, making them fight over resources and access to various artifacts. When you think about it the very core of this game would not change at all. We’d still be playing matches against each other but they would leave a mark - they would matter. Call it “an RPG element” - people need this to stay intrigued and continue. They need to feel some kind of progress, movement in a certain direction, not to mention that such an environment would allow more exploration and getting to learn more about this planet. Constant killing and dying is just going to be a statistic. Instead, it could be so much more. We could be fighting in a full scale war on Shear (global map with provinces) with sudden and unexpected attacks on colonies that if not defended would fall into the hands (claws?) of the monsters, final charges of the last bastion hunter defenders surrounded by the provinces dominated by the beasts, a 60 minute survival game for a band of 4 lost hunters where it’s not about killing the monster but instead not being killed by it or trying to gain respect and territory by challenging another monster to a duel (imagine a monster vs monster match!). The balance could be tipped left and right and the fun could be endless.

I believe that Evolve needs a long-term game mode which would make the players care to come back for more - to support their cause, the clan, the pack or the conflict their species is involved in. Simple, unbound matches are cool and fun but unfortunately they won’t keep the player base focused and interested forever. I may not have been around for long but I sure want this game to live a long life - just like you. Let’s not make the same mistake “Hawken” made. A game with beautiful graphics and animations, cool ideas and talented developers died because mindless and not interconnected killing of yet another enemy proved not to be interesting enough. I think Evolve deserves better…

Thanks for reading!


The biggest fear I fear we have, within this game we all so love,
Is not getting off the ground, when have barely just begun.
Since the game’s just been released, we cannot say what’s next for us,
But we’ll keep playing till it comes, because we find it fun.

I’ll worry about what comes next when it’s been properly announced,
By TRS, and not until, but still I wouldn’t fret.
They’ve made this game for us, correct? They will not leave us just to bounce,
They’ve got a plan to make things work, and soon, I’d rightly bet.